Team and Contact

A part of the Edgeryders crew, taken at our 2018 company get-together.


Since 2018, Edgeryders has self-organized into several units. The company is headed by a board of directors.

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Research Network

The research network is Edgeryder’s research arm. It’s a network, because everyone who has research interests aligned with Edgeryders values is invited to take part, connecting her or his work with that of others.

Marina Batinić Unit coordinator @marina
Alberto Cottica Research director @alberto
Amelia Hassoun Senior researcher and lead ethnographer @amelia
Corinne Cath-Speth Researcher and ethnographer @corinnecs
Daniel Ansorg Lead developer @daniel
Inge Snip Community journalist @inge
John Coate Senior community manager and director @johncoate
Leonie Schulte Researcher and ethnographer @leonie
Maria Euler Community manager @mariaeuler
Martin Bohle Senior researcher @martin


EarthOS focuses on solutions for stewarding the planet, and for adapting to climate change.

Ilaria N. Brambilla Unit coordinator @ilaria
Augusto Pirovano Communication strategist @augusto
Chantal Vanoeteren Partnership builder @chantal_vanoeteren
Irene Ingardi Events manager @irene_1
Isabelle N’Diaye Community builder @baobaburbain
Matthias Ansorg CTO and director @matthias

Culture Squad

The Culture Squad works on promoting a vibrant cultural scene, and channeling it towards human development.

Noemi Salantiu Unit coordinator and director @noemi
Alex A. Levene Associate producer @alex_levene
Matteo Uguzzoni Urban games designer @matteo_uguzzoni
Natalia Skoczylas Project, community and event manager @natalia_skoczylas
Robert “Bob” Palmer Senior adviser @bob


Consulting supports organizations in achieving goals aligned with the values of the Edgeryders community and company.

Nadia EN Unit coordinator and director @nadia
Claire Davanne Development manager @clairedvn
Hugi Asgeirsson Director Edgeryders Nordics @hugi
Kaja Farszky Administrative assistant @kaja
Owen Gothill Webmaster @owen
Sohayeb Belguith Programme manager @sohayeb
Zmorda Djedidi Business developer @zmorda


If you don’t know to whom to address your e-mail, just write to: We will forward it accordingly.