Team Building: General affairs 2024

Hi @Sarah here is what has been planned at the last TB meeting (see minutes)

Remaining sites (as per Sarahs document)

  • AND-13 and AND-32 Move to a “put on hold/keep for later” (maybe also useful for future co-housing groups)

Could you inform our architects about this or would you prefer me to do so ?

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Hi TB, sorry but i will be in Paris during the next plenary meeting. So hope @Sarah and @Caro could present the FS we will have back then.


Yes I saw that! Which is why I asked! :sweat_smile:

No problem, I will do that!

Sure, no pb!

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Hi there!
I thought I should send the results of Le programme to the architects, as it might be good for them to take it into consideration or at least have an idea of where we are at for the feasibility studies.
Any objection?


Yes, I would like to slow down a little. “Le programme” that the architects are working with is that we are looking for a site that fits a cohousing with 20-30 units. That’s all the information they need to be able to do their work. The results from the survey come in when they will be working on the plan. It will help them to include units that meet our desires.

I included an item for a short report at the next Team Building meeting. @Sarah would you be willing to take care of that?

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@Aline_Jeandenans, can you help with the decision and let us know whether you are available on the 4th or the 8th of March? :slight_smile:

Hi TB,
Since I propose the new meetings schedule, the 6/3 was the only date I could join a meeting…
4th and 8th not possible for me.

I am struggling with time and The Reef obligation of method, so for the moment, you can consider me as the hidden face of Sébastien : we talk to each other and work side by side on our tasks. We share our thoughts and our work, so he will represent both of us at the meetings.

Thanks for your understanding


Hey @reef-building, let’s make it the 4th of March then (sorry, Caro!). I’ll update the calendar.


Sorry but I had sent the email already.

But I’m pretty sure both our coach and the architects said we needed to update it, and if anything, we are a bit late sending the info…

And a small public announcement: I will be taking a break this weekend and back on Tuesday. I will look into all the things I have to then.
If you need me, contact me directly on signal as I will try to not check the group…
See you next week!

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It’s not a major drama of course, but I find it important to stick to our working methods.I am feeling a bit uncomfortable around this and I would like to clear this out a little when we next see each other.

In the end I won’t be able to make the plenary… @Caro will you be able to do this?

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@Sarah and @Sebas I’d be happy to act as a back-up presenter if needed. Can you please give me a ping on Signal when the documents come in?

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@Sebas and @Sarah chose promise chose due, I am fine with backing you up and doing the présentation but since there is not so much to present in the end…


Thank you @Caro , you are the chosen one :blush:


Yesterday at the meeting we didn’t discuss where to scout next, and said that was gonna be the responsibility of the new point persons (@Caro and @Sebas for the moment).
There is a scouting day on Sunday so I leave it to them to decide what to do with it.


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Hello @reef-building
I was thinking to create a shortcut to the FS, so that non TB people can find their way to it more easily if they need to! I don’t see how you can do that, so instead I created a document in the general TB folder, where we could put links to the individual FS folders (and other links if needed). That way people don"t mess around in our precious fiche folder, but still have access to the info.
What do you think? Needed? Helpful? Alternatives (putting it somewhere on edgeryders for instance)?

Also, I am not sure if we are still backing up the fiche folder and the table on a computer? Is somebody still doing that? Or do we think it is not necessary anymore?

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Great initiative, thanks @Sarah!

The document with the link is a great idea. Alternative ways of keeping track include clicking on the three horizontal dods and adding a file or folder to your favourites (screenshot below), or using the Nextcloud search function (putting in JET-14 takes you straight to the right folder).

I have not made a back-up lately. We always have the version history, but then we also had a bad experience with the Team Building meeting minutes document, so probably a good idea to make a back-up every once and while.

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True. So shall we just not bother with the document then and let people find their way themselves?

@reef-building : anybody to volunteer to do this? I was doing it when I used to clean up the table regularly, but now I’m a bit worried I might forget…

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