Team Building meeting schedule (proposal)

Hello @reef-building,

I have an action point from the last meeting to come up with a proposal on the meeting schedule.

Proposal to meet every 15 days on Mondays-Fridays

Detailed proposal:

Being so new I feel a bit uncomfortable about this, but then of course everybody can always object to the proposal and then we’ll amend it.

In a nutshell, I see the following needs related to meetings:

  • Having frequent opportunities to discuss things that can’t be solved online

  • Making steady progress

  • Being ready to present sites at plenary meetings

  • Not spending too much time on scheduling meetings

  • Gathering at least 60% of the team members

Happy to get your feedback on this.

Looking at all these needs, these are my thoughts:

  • I personally wouldn’t focus to much on the plenary meeting schedule, because I think that it is possible to be ready to present sites 1) by assigning clear responsibilities to a couple of people, 2) by discussing last minute issues on Edgeryders or else have a quick phone call with 1-2 people.

  • I would like to get organised in a way that having 60% of team members present should be enough to make good progress at a meeting. Ways to make up for absences can include 1) short reports on Edgeryders, 2) assigning back-ups, so one task always has two people knowing what’s going on.

  • I personally value predictability of a meeting schedule (so I can plan other things accordingly), and also not having them on the same day every time (because I have other activities)

Equally happy to get your feedback on this.

Bringing all this together, my proposal would be to schedule the meetings every 15 days on Mondays-Fridays (so on a Monday in week 1, on a Tuesday in week 3 etc).

As I said before, this is of course just a proposal that can be objected to and amended as much as needed.


Little remark: make sure they don’t fall on the same dates as the ‘bring in more sociocracy trainings’, (start in the other week, or with another day)

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Hi TB,
Here are the next dates for our meetings : twice a month for the next 3 months as I understood:

January: wednesday 3rd, tuesday 16th & tuesday 30th
February : wednesday 14th & wednesday 28th
March : thursday 14th & thursday 28th

Seb & I have screened all the new fiches, don’t forget to double check if you have a moment…
A few sites are gorgeous, for sale, and waiting to go further with owners… :star_struck:

Thanks a lot for looking into this @Aline_Jeandenans

I feel annoyed that I need to create some problems, but unfortunately I have activities on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays, so the scheme you are proposing is a bit sub-optimal (probably also for other people with weekly activities).

Could you please consider setting up scheme following the same logic we use for the plenary meetings? This moves forward one day every meeting, so that people who have weekly activities don’t have to miss too many.

It could work like this:

  • Week 1: Monday
  • Week 3: Tuesday
  • Week 5: Wednesday
  • Week 7: Thursday
  • Week 9: Friday
  • Week 11: Monday
  • etc

In reality some adjustments will probably be needed because there are plenary meetings etc, but if we could have some variety between the different days that would be really appreciated.

Here are the new propositions for the new dates, I think everybody has activities and will do the best to participate.
For myself, next year, I will work on evenings some mondays, the tuesdays, the thursdays and the fridays! so I won’t otfen join the meetings…

January : thursday 4th, friday 19th
February : monday 5th, tuesday 20th
March : wednesday 6th, thursday 21st


Thanks a million @Aline_Jeandenans. Would you be willing to add these meetings to the Nextcloud calendar?

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Hey @reef-building, can you work with this meeting schedule from April onwards (timing 7-8.30pm)?

5 April (Friday)
15 April (Monday)
30 April (Tuesday)
15 May (Wednesday)
30 May (Thursday)
14 June (Friday)
24 June (Monday)

Let me know if this collides with any other team meetings! Otherwise I’ll add those dates to Nextcloud shortly :slight_smile: