Team Building: getting started

I will be there on Tuesday. I hadn’t planned to present the proposal, I don’t feel like I am necessarily the best person to do it. But I can definitely be a back up in case nobody else is ready to do it!

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Hello team! I am in Lithuania till 8 May, so won’t be able to be physically present at this Tuesday’s plenary.

Hello everyone! I can present the proposal. Thanks to Sophie and Sarah again, I didn’t add anything because I think it reflects what we discussed in the last Team Building meeting.
I have been playing with the maps and I’ve had an idea. I would suggest to divide the map into sections and let scouters choose the section they want to explore (depending on personal preferences for one area or another, distance from home, incorporating the scouting exercise on a weekend plan e.g. a hike, etc.)

The first map displays the South West of Brussels. I’ve divided the bigger areas into subareas. And the colorful dots represent distance from a given point to gare du Midi.
Map South West
The second map displays the North West and it follows the same logic.
Map North West

If you think this could work, I could propose these divisions on the 2nd May. I am not sure I can bring a physical map, but maybe we could further explore creating a collaborative map on google maps? I’m sure that’s possible.


Thanks Maria - great work!

Wow! I’m impressed!!
Thanks Maria :smiley:

Hi all!
Here is the poll for the next meeting!

  • Wednesday 3/05
  • Thursday 4/05
  • Friday 5/05
  • Saturday 6/05 am
  • Saturday 6/05 pm
  • Saturday 6/05 evening
  • Sunday 7/05 am
  • Sunday 7/05 pm
  • Sunday 7/05 evening
  • Monday 8/05
  • Tuesday 9/05
  • Thursday 11/05
  • Friday 12/05
  • Saturday 13/05 am
  • Saturday 13/05 pm
  • Saturday 13/05 evening
  • Sunday 14/05 am
  • Sunday 14/05 pm
  • Sunday 14/05 evening
  • Monday 15/05
  • Wednesday 17/05
  • Thursday 18/05
  • Friday 19/05
  • Saturday 20/05 am
  • Saturday 20/05 pm
  • Saturday 20/05 evening
  • Sunday 21/05 am
  • Sunday 21/05 pm
  • Sunday 21/05 evening
  • Monday 22/05
  • Wednesday 24/05
  • Thursday 25/05
  • Friday 26/05
  • Saturday 27/05 am
  • Saturday 27/05 pm
  • Saturday 27/05 evening
  • Monday 29/05
  • Tuesday 30/05
  • Wednesday 31/05

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  • Thursday 01/06
  • Friday 02/06
  • Saturday 03/06 am
  • Saturday 03/06 pm
  • Saturday 03/06 evening
  • Sunday 04/06 am
  • Sunday 04/06 pm
  • Sunday 04/06 evening
  • Monday 05/06
  • Tuesday 06/06
  • Thursday 08/06
  • Friday 09/06
  • Saturday 10/06 am
  • Saturday 10/06 pm
  • Saturday 10/06 evening
  • Sunday 11/06 am
  • Sunday 11/06 pm
  • Sunday 11/06 evening
  • Monday 12/06
  • Wednesday 14/06
  • Thursday 15/06
  • Friday 16/06
  • Saturday 17/06 am
  • Saturday 17/06 pm
  • Saturday 17/06 evening
  • Sunday 18/06 am
  • Sunday 18/06 pm
  • Sunday 18/06 evening
  • Monday 19/06
  • Tuesday 20/06
  • Thursday 22/06
  • Friday 23/06
  • Saturday 24/06 am
  • Saturday 24/06 pm
  • Saturday 24/06 evening
  • Sunday 25/06 am
  • Sunday 25/06 pm
  • Sunday 25/06 evening
  • Monday 26/06
  • Wednesday 28/06

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  • Thursday 29/06
  • Friday 30/06

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Actually Jeremy still drafted the text (!), sending it to you as a private message :slight_smile:


I’ve realised I forgot I didn"t have a class anymore in june so I’m actually available most thursdays/fridays.

Hi everybody,

I’ve found my way to the forum and the team building.
If you’re OK with it i’d like to participate to this team based on my experience and qualities.

For my daily job I’m a freelance engineer giving advise on the energy of buildings. Mostly the techniques but I’ve knowledge around the construction also.

If it is ok, what’s the best way to know which are the following meetings?



Hi @Julien, Welcome :slight_smile:
I am not sure if you can see earlier posts (before you joined) but we just had a poll about our next meeting and for the moment, next Thursday (11/05) seems to be a good day - would you also be available for a roughly 1,5 hours Zoom meeting that evening?
Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Hello @MariaAM, @Sarah and @ugne just to let you know that we have received a reply from the architects with a draft convention for the feasibility studies and the encouragement to go and look in all communes (depending on prices, obviously) because “Aujourd’hui, des projets comme celui que vous portez sont très bien accueillis par les services de l’urbanisme car ils ne sont pas dictés par la recherche de profits max d’un promoteur et proposent un mode de vie “durable”.” Very encouraging :slight_smile:

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Hello @reef-building,

As you can see I have updated the grouping. Confirmation of the new Teams set-up is a candidate item for the draft agenda of the next plenary, but I figured it’s easier for you if you can tag each other just with one tag. So just to be clear, it now includes: Maria, Sophie, Sarah, Ugne and Julien.


Dear @reeflings,
This post concerns everyone involved in the scouting exercise.
I have put here the document about the scouting exercise. I includes a table with the areas that people are scouting or intend to scout in the coming weeks (Richard and I haven’t decided yet) and the map.

For the fiche, you can decide to paste the pictures of a given site directly on the Word document or create a folder, following the example of “site Deleers Anderlecht” or “site Rober Buyck Anderlecht”. The name of those files correspond to the name of the streets where the sites are located. The folders with pictures should be uploaded here.

*Please, if you spot something weird about the links let me know. I have a lot of problems to log in to Nextcloud lately.


Hi Sophie, 11/5 is possible.

I have my kids so I would probably have to leave some time for getting them to bed.

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Great news, @MariaAM !!

Welcome, @Julien!

A match made in heaven :slight_smile:

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So @reef-building, is everyone ok with scheduling our next meeting on 11/05 at 7.30pm? I have prepared a draft agenda - feel free to add to it, restructure items etc.


Hey @reef-building, following Chris’ post about the next coordination group meeting, can either @MariaAM or @Sarah represent us at that meeting? Ugne is covering Legal & Finance and I am travelling. Thank you :slight_smile:

I think there is a mistake, next plenary can’t be the 6 May. I’m not sure if Chris referred to the meeting next week where we will assess the first results of the scouting exercise? I think last Monday we talked about a meeting on the 16 May, I guess that’s it. In that case, I cannot attend the meeting because we’ll be in Germany.

Yes, I guess it’s a typo and it’s indeed the 16th. @Sarah, any chance you could cover?