Team Building: scheduling meetings

Thanks a lot for looking into this @Aline_Jeandenans

I feel annoyed that I need to create some problems, but unfortunately I have activities on Tuesdays and on Wednesdays, so the scheme you are proposing is a bit sub-optimal (probably also for other people with weekly activities).

Could you please consider setting up scheme following the same logic we use for the plenary meetings? This moves forward one day every meeting, so that people who have weekly activities don’t have to miss too many.

It could work like this:

  • Week 1: Monday
  • Week 3: Tuesday
  • Week 5: Wednesday
  • Week 7: Thursday
  • Week 9: Friday
  • Week 11: Monday
  • etc

In reality some adjustments will probably be needed because there are plenary meetings etc, but if we could have some variety between the different days that would be really appreciated.

Here are the new propositions for the new dates, I think everybody has activities and will do the best to participate.
For myself, next year, I will work on evenings some mondays, the tuesdays, the thursdays and the fridays! so I won’t otfen join the meetings…

January : thursday 4th, friday 19th
February : monday 5th, tuesday 20th
March : wednesday 6th, thursday 21st


Thanks a million @Aline_Jeandenans. Would you be willing to add these meetings to the Nextcloud calendar?

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Hey @reef-building, can you work with this meeting schedule from April onwards (timing 7-8.30pm)?

5 April (Friday)
15 April (Monday)
30 April (Tuesday)
15 May (Wednesday)
30 May (Thursday)
14 June (Friday)
24 June (Monday)

Let me know if this collides with any other team meetings! Otherwise I’ll add those dates to Nextcloud shortly :slight_smile:


Hello @reef-building
Just wanted to let you know that I can’t make the next meeting on thursday 21/03. I know that at least Els and Lie also can’t. For the ongoing work, it means that the people responsible for the fiche factory won’t be there at the meeting.
I think I remember we have a rule that we should be 60% of the team present at a meeting? Or did I make that up?
If it is indeed true, should we move this one?


Hey, thanks for bringing that up, @Sarah! I can’t remember a quota (we’re rarely more than four, aren’t we?) but let’s see who would be there or who wants to reschedule:

  • Yes, I will be there
  • Move to 18.3
  • Move to 20.3
  • Move to 22.3
  • Move to 25.3
  • Move to 26.3
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Ok so I made that up!

The main thing is the fiche factory problem, but if there are other agenda points to deal with and there are enough people joining, then you should just keep the date and go ahead with it.


@anon78992831 and @Aline_Jeandenans quick question: will you be at the next TB meeting (21.3) or would you like to reschedule? Thanks for filling in the poll :slight_smile:

Also, if I am not mistaken, the meeting with the architects might happen on the 18th in which case we wouldn’t have a viable replacement date.

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Hello again @reef-building, let’s keep the meeting on the 21/03 then, it doesn’t seem to make sense to move it around if we can’t get more people together.
@Lee will you be in charge of the agenda and facilitation? I can’t remember what we decided last time (but maybe it wasn’t clear that you were going to be there?)…


Thanks Sophie! I will try to post something on the agenda tomorrow.

@reef-building, second attempt and second poll to find a new date for the next meeting (originally scheduled for tomorrow) with the aim of having fiche factory experts present :slight_smile:

  • 25.3
  • 26.3
  • 27.3
  • 28.3
  • 29.3
  • I can’t make it that week :rabbit:
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@reef-building : shall we fix 27/03 for next Team building meeting? I put a meeting request with opentalk link in the Nextcloud calendar…

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Thanks @els, I was about to (finally) do that :slight_smile:


Hi @reef-building ,

In today’s Team Building we focussed on substance, and the suggestion of Lee was warmly accepted to see each other life on another moment, in a more relaxed way to discuss more on organisational and interpersonal issues. (For more details look at the topics in green on the agenda of 27/03)
Could you fill in the poll below, to pick a date for this?

  • Sunday 31/03 afternoon (from 12:30)
  • Monday 01/04 afternoon (from 12:00)
  • Friday 05/04 evening (from 18:30)
  • Saturday 06/04 afternoon (from 12:00)
  • Sunday 07/04 afternoon (from 12:30)
  • Friday 12/04 evening (from 18:30)
  • Sunday 14/04 afternoon (from 12:30)
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I’m sorry but I don’t have a lot of availabilities at all in the next 2 weeks :-/

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Same for me sorry.

hi @reef-building
A new try with some later data (same purpose as mentioned in the poll above)

  • Friday evening 19/04 from 18:30
  • Saturday morning 20/04 from 9:30
  • Saturday afternoon 20/04 from 13:30
  • Saturday evening 20/04 from 17:30
  • Sunday afternoon 21/04 from 12:30
  • Sunday evening 21/04 from 17:30
  • Friday evening 26/04 from 18:30
  • Saturday afternoon 27/04 from 14:00 onwards
  • Saturday evening 27/04 from 18:00 onwards
  • Wednesday morning 1/05 from 9:30
  • Wednesday afternoon 01/05 from 13:30
  • Wednesday evening 01/05 from 17:30
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Not a lot available on those days, sorry…not even sure about the 27th.

27th there is a sociocracy training I think now
1st of may I may be available but I’m not sure, I will only know quite close to the date…

The sociocracy training is the 27th in the morning…

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