Team External: getting started

Hello @reeflings, I want to start a new team called external. This will be the interface of The Reef, taking on tasks like:

  • Public affairs: putting The Reef on the map as a not-for-profit initiative advocating cohousing as a greener, more social and more inclusive way of living in the city. For one, we should engage with potentially sympathetic media like Bruzz and Médor.
  • Engaging with the neighborhood in Jette, making sure we are not “parachuted” as a fancy initiative that people do not want, but rather are seen as friendly neighbours and full participants in the life of the quartier.
  • Engaging with the commune de Jette, making sure they maintain a positive view of our project.
  • Engaging with the cohousing movement in Brussels/Belgium/Europe/planet Earth, support it where we can.

The first step is going to be a kick-off meeting to discuss roles, draft an activity plan and a budget that we will need to go to the plenary with.

I am looking for volunteers, so step forward if this sounds like something you could be doing in The Reef. Francophones and native Belgians are especially welcome. I already proposed that @manuelpueyo, @AlinT and @SophieC join, though I appreciate they might be committed to other teams as well.


I might have a contact with Bruzz via a friend…


Great objectives…I’ll be happy to contribute to that - specially on the local anchoring !


OK, let’s kick off then. I am sorry, but in the next two weeks I can only offer Thursday 13th June night. We could do in-person (would be nice, since it’s a kickoff and some of us have never worked together before) or online (also acceptable for me). Calling @manuelpueyo @AlinT @SophieC and anyone else wants in.

Are you willing to take part in the kickoff meeting of Team External on Thursday, June 13th, evening at 19.00 or 20.00?
  • I can make it, and prefer it to be in person
  • I can make it, and prefer it to be online
  • Can’t make it at all, sorry.
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Hello @Tinne!

I’m a bit behind on the teams set-up, but I’ve seen that you were interested in joining this team. If that’s still the case, please don’t hesitate to join in!

Hello @Lee and @alberto !

I’d be happy to join this team. I’m a native Belgian and fluent in French and Dutch. However, Thursday 13 is hard for me as I pick up my daughter at 19:30. Could try participate online with her after 20:15, or join the next meeting. Let me know how I can participate best. (best times for meetings; free on Wednesdays, every other weekend, and online after 21:30). I am happy to fulfill any task on the to-do list…Tinne


You are hired. :smiley: Let me figure out how to deal with the kickoff.

I’ve a suggestion…if meeting in person is still the option (but not possible with everyone … :thinking:).
It’s linked to the idea of local anchoring (although we have time for that…).
This Thursday, le Ploef (associative cafe) is open from 6pm. At 8,30, there is an impro Jazz session…
But probably, too much at once! :upside_down_face:

Koen is also happy to join, he is moving to Brussels next month.


Great idea :slight_smile:

If we start at 7PM, sounds good for me because we will have one hour and half before the beginning of the concert. After, it could be hard to discuss with the noise maybe?

sounds good!

I like the way you think! But for the first meeting, it’s more important to get everyone on the same page. How about: we all meet Thursday, but online and at 21.30. This means @Tinne can be there, and @manuelpueyo can go to his class. Would this work for you, Sophie?

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Of course, it’s works !

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it works for me, thanks!

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OK, let’s do it! @reef-external , expect a link invitation from me.

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Here is the agenda for our kickoff meeting.

  1. Team mission: a round of ideas.
  2. Engaging with the neighbour, round 1 (this is about a very nice email we received from a neighbour called Kim, you can see it in the common mailbox).
  3. Budget (we need one)
  4. Assigning tasks
  5. Selection of a coordinator

The link is here and also on the calendar event.

Paging @reef-external


Hello @alberto. When I open your like, OpenTalk want I choose an option contrat… Is it normal?
The previous meetings I did with the Reef, I had only to clik on the link and is was enough.

It’s a wrap! Thank you @reef-external, great meeting. The minutes are here.

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Hi all!
Really love the look and purpose of this team!
I am very tempted to join, but I’m not sure that I have the time capacity… But will keep an eye on what you guys are doing, and would love to br pinged to go and talk to people in the meantime!