Team External: getting started

Thank you Joannes, great work! i am free both dates in sept

I will be out all of September, but we should still go ahead.

C.B.O seems more on point than Labolobo – the latter seems very old-age oriented, whereas the former is an association of associations and seems broader. But of course here the venue matters. @Joannes, how many people do you and Kim estimate?

50 EUR makes no difference to me.

text of the flyer

dear @reef-external , this is the V3 of the text for the flyer for the neighbourhood.

this is text only and i would like to have it approved by the team before translating it to NL and doing the graphic layout and send to print.

i hope you can open it. and feel free to make any changes or comments you consider appropriate. your contributions are welcome. thanks!

On the grafitti topic …

The school in my street has a wooden panel. This has the following advantages:

  • It’s cheaper and more fun, because we can do the painting ourselves

  • It’s more environmentally friendly, because you don’t need spray paint

  • Once we start building, we can remove the panels, and re-use them once everything is built.

I’m just gonna put this out here, and then the doer decides.


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Manuel - could make it accessible in another extension.
To one you recommended (Typora) needs to be bought… thanks !

Hi Manuel, thanks for this. I think it does not quite get the right tone. For now it is very businesslike. What we want to do is not informing people about the characteristics of our project, but suggesting we meet up for coffee among new neighbours. My suggestions:

  1. Discursive tone: “Dear future neigbour…”
  2. Emphasis on private individuals: “We are ten families, (18 adults, 4 children or whatever)…”; “Ours is not a commercial project, but a self-managed one…”.
  3. Humility: “We are hoping we could work with you on activities within the neighborhood, we are planning to build a common room on the Chaussée de Jette.” The section " Comment cela Va-t-il Impacter la Vie dans le Quartier ?" looks a bit overstated, “Here we come and we are going to make a large difference”.
  4. Openness: “We are still looking for members, if you or one of your loved ones is looking for a home and Jette and likes the idea of cohousing you could consider joining us.”
  5. Invitation: “We would love to meet you, get to know one another, see how best we can get along going forward.”

Can one of the francophones take it up? @SophieC ?


hello sophie, i can see it and edit directly in nextcloud using the browser. maybe you don’t? then you need to download a free markdown editor for mac. sorry but i thought typora is for free but actually is not

thank you. very good points! on the meta level, this is what I thought the objective of the text before writing it

  • inform the neighbours about the characteristics of the project:

  • how are these type of projects could impact the neighbourhood

  • how can i get involved

if i put myself in the shoes of the neighbor this is what i would like to know…

thank you for sharing these ideas. the problem that i see with the grafiti and this can make it really complicated in terms of timing is a governance problem. who decides what we paint? this has budgetary implications and this is what Farmprod (the artist) is asking us in order to suggest a budget


I propose to stick to Labolobo because it was suggested by a neighbour. We have an option for Saturday 7 September, when the architects are available as well. Any objections?

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Hi @manuelpueyo,

In terms of governance I woudn’t worry too much: it’s doer decides. So either you keep it in Team External, or you ask people who are interested to set up a small helping circle (which would be my recommendation).

From there the instruction is simple: make it beautiful, keep it cheap and in line with The Reef’s values. Consult all Reeflings on the forum and/or organise a multivote (currently point in the Governance Document) is always a good idea.


Yes, I agree. But this is a flyer inviting people to talk to us: we do not need to communicate the number of square meters. All it needs to say is: we are going to be your neighbours; we are motivated to make an effort to fit in; come meet us, or if that day you cannot get in touch via email and we’ll go for coffee at some point.

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I see it could be a great teambuilding activity. I am happy to give a hand but I dont feel like leading this project. It’s too much effort for very little added value. And we have other priorities now.

On the governance side, we don’t have any reefling living in the area yet. Coming there and painting something without knowing the neighborhood is a bit pretentious in my humble opinion. We are not living there, we are not going to see this painting everyday but the neighours yes, they have to see it. do we have legitimacy to do this, paint something and leave? i don’t know :thinking:

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@alberto i have added your suggestions in V4. if @SophieC is there maybe you can have a look. thanks!


Hi @manuelpueyo
I did some modifications of the text - in V5
Maybe too many ??
I wonder if we should say something about the name the reef & the languages of the meeting…
What about the address of the site beside the qrcode - not everybody can use it…

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thank you ! i had a look at V5 and did small changes. for me it’s ready to go. what are the next steps?

  1. translate the text to NL
  2. do the graphic layout
  3. Work on the event registration page
  4. Send to print.

the QR Code

it will point to the registration page. the address of the event, date and time is already visible in the text

for me it’s not necessary but happy to hear your opinion