Team Facilitation moving forward (2024)

Hi team !

Let’s have a fresh thread for a renewed focus on the role of Team Facilitation with regard to making the Reef happen :slight_smile:

Our priorities moving forward are:

  • Redefining the aim of the team
  • Researching, learning and implementing new facilitation methods
  • Engaging with the existing available training
  • Scheduling regular meetings for the rest of the year

I would also like to finish the hand signals proposal (which I am totally responsible for in terms of it not being done yet) and bring them into our regular team/plenary meeting practices (as Els highlighted recently).

In order to get the ball (re)rolling, here’s a poll to set up a meeting in the near future:

  • Sunday 24 March (afternoon)
  • Sunday 24 March (evening)
  • Monday 25 March (afternoon)
  • Wednesday 27 March (evening)
  • Thursday 28 March (evening)
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I am really sorry but I cannot attend any of these.

How about this Saturday (the 23rd) ?

That would be possible anytime before 4pm.

How about you @els… got some space this Saturday before 4pm ?

saturday from 14:00 onwards…

So let’s make it this Satrurday at 14h. We can discuss the details this evening… :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, tonight we kinda decided to do it at mieke’s place, i guess that’s ok for you…

Haha not sure we decided that :slight_smile: i think Chris ’ place was also an option (closer to the metro for you)

for me it’s all the same

Let’s do it at mine then, if that’s easier for Els :slight_smile:

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hi @ChrisM @mieke ,

published the notes of today’s meeting.
I was just wandering if the ‘aim of Team Facilitation’ needs to be documented somewhere (and not only be somewhere in the notes of a meeting)? Is there such a thing as a ‘role description of a team’?

Here a list of the action points:

AP Els

  • hand signals: look for missing images

  • put the Facilitation meetings on nextcloud

  • research facilitation techniques: fish bowl

AP Chris:

  • hand signals: rewrite the part on hand signal for voting

  • research facilitation techniques: deep democracy

AP Mieke:

  • research facilitation techniques: coloured hats

Thanks @els !

There is, but I always forget where it is. I’ll find out…


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It’s in the Teams set-up folder in Team Reef.



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Hello @reef-facilitation,

There’s been a couple of occasions at plenary meetings where I noticed that it’s important to me that when something is said, it is said from a personal perspective rather than as a general statement.

There is a simple hack to that, which is to start sentences with “I”. So instead of saying “that’s annoying” one would say “I think that’s annoying”, or instead of saying “you’re such a good listener” one would say “I think you are a good listener”. It may seem like a little thing, but I notice in myself that these general statements leave much less space for people to disagree with.

We have a bit of text on this in the plenary meetings manual (section 7 on communication etiquette), but maybe it can be an idea to draw people’s attention to this at the beginning of a meeting?


On another topic: Collectiv-a is organising a 3-day training course (in May and in November) that may be worth considering, and even budgetting for?

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Thanks for this info Lie !
At 350-700 euros per person, it would be a case of one Reefling attending and then running a workshop to share the info with the rest of us. As it is in French, that rules me out. The blurb specifically says that the 3-day training will not be about facilitation, but rather on shared governance (including sociocracy) and working with collective intelligence. So any French-speaking @reeflings with enough time and interest could be a viable candidate…


I find it a bit confusing to be honest. I had registered for the other training “facilitation: les clés de la posture”, but then in the description it again said that there would not be any facilitation practice.

For this one on the other hand it also says:

“Découvrir et pratiquer des outils et méthodes pour un fonctionnement en intelligence collective: outils de créativité, d’évaluation, de brainstorming, de décision, de débats… Trucs et astuces pour les réunions et la gestion de la parole en groupe.”

I developed a bit of a passion for all of this stuff, so I am considering participating on my own expense, but I’m a bit reluctant to spend three days indoors in May (not also that it takes place on week days).

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Its really interesting stuff, and I would be super keen to do this, both for myself and in terms of the Reef. But if it’s not in English, I don’t think that I’d get the full benefit of it…

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