Team Facilitation moving forward (2024)

hi @reef-facilitation ,

(like i said i am a full of energy, so if this is not the time, we can talk later about it)
Some things on my mind:

  • I find the idea of the buddy-pool really a good one and i wonder if that is not an idea to do that for facilitators. This circle’s goal is to support the facilitators, but i don’t even know who they are… Should every reef member be able to facilitate? For me no. With a pool we can offer ‘another service’ to reef members of the facilitator pool and others that are not in the pool. I worry that we will never get to other reef members than you chris and lee, to facilitate a plenary, so i think it’s important to support people who would want to consciously take up that role and for them knowing that they have a team to turn to if they need support…
  • another thing was: to integrate new people in this circle (maybe even being associates). For me being part of a team really helped to get to ‘know’ people, so it was really a positive thing. And i understand for certain circles (team finance, team building, team governance) it’s less easy to integrate new members, let alone open it up to associate members… But i find with team facilitation, the barrier is a low one and we could benefit from some extra help (even if it’s temporary)
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Great points @els !

Our next meeting is scheduled for 18 May, but it would be great if we could meet sooner. There’s also the brainstorming of the common spaces to organise, which may involve the techniques that you and @mieke are researching.

We’ll all be together on Saturday, so let’s discuss potentially moving the meeting forward a bit…


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hi @reef-facilitation ,

I met Tinne this weekend, who has decided to become an exploring member with her partner koen.
As team recruitement indicated that we should encourage exploring members to sit in on meetings, i had a look at the calendar, and because of this particular period, there is not much offer.

  • team building meeting of this wednesday is or will be cancelled
  • there is the team finance meeting, but i don’t know if that’s very ‘accessible’ and might not be the ideal timing to follow that one right now.

so there are two left over,

  • the team facilitation meeting of coming friday: will we keep it?
  • team recruitement meeting: you’re both in it => i guess that is accessible for an exploring member i guess?

Jumping in on this one …

The way I understand this, is that attending a team meeting can be a Plan B in case people don’t manage to attend a plenary meeting. I wouldn’t make it a standard thing, because it requires quite a bit of energy and I’d rather only invest in people who have decided to commit to being an associate member.

Team R&O only accepts full members for now. This is an exception to our “openness” policy because we found at that we need to freedom to speak freely about things that didn’t go well.

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I agree with both @Lee’s points. As team meetings are plan B though, if Tinne and Koen can’t make the lunch on Sunday or the plenary the following Sunday, then it could be possible to join this one. However, it’s not a particularly “normal” meeting, as the agenda is almost entirely focussed on the common spaces proposal. As for whether it is still going ahead, we said 17h30 on Friday, but the questionnaires are due back by 20h. Maybe we can change that last bit if we want to go ahead at that time, or reschedule (soon after)…

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I’ll send a reminder tonight , with a request to send them by 12:00 on friday (didn’t think of our meeting when sending the request for the commons out ).
We’ve now received 6 filled in templates, i guess we’ll have 5 or so more. I am in favour to keep the meeting as it is scheduled now, just to discuss how we’re going to present it and maybe define next steps… And for this we don’t need all data … @ChrisM @mieke ?

@Lee : is it the goal that we give a little presentation on this on the 22nd or just share this info via a post?

ok for me

I’m inefficiently having this conversation in more than one place :confused:

Yes to meeting at 17h30 on Friday.

No need to change the deadline for the questionnaire, because we don’t necessarily need the results to make a plan of what to do with them…


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@reef-facilitation : meeting minutes ready with action points, of yesterday’s meeting (28/05/24)