Team Governance and Working Methods: getting started

There is now an agenda in our usual doc…
Let me know if there is anything to change or add!


Hi there!

I just realised that there might have been a bit of a mishap (mea culpa), and the governance document hasn’t been updated with the membership process proposal that was consented to at a plenary (internal link). This means that it still indicates that associate members can request full membership between 4 to 8 months instead of 3 to 6 months…
How do we go about this? Do we just copy and paste it into the governance document? And do the associate members need to be notified or did they receive a document with the correct info?

Hi Sarah,

Good point! It’s something that has indeed already been a source of confusion, but that should hopefully soon be something of the past.

What will be different for the current associate Reeflings is this:

  • There is a clear link in the onboarding manual to the membership process document
  • We will send out a message probably in the course of next week, outlining the deadlines
  • The membership process document has been copy/pasted in the draft of the revised governance document. Simply copy/pasting it into the governance document turned out to be difficult because of difficult formatting styles (mea culpa), but if you prefer to copy/paste it nevertheless, that’s of course always an option.


Hi all :slight_smile:
I’ve prepared a summary of the selection process and have saved it in our folder (internal link).
Feel free to have a look and comment. Otherwise, I guess Chris or Lie might use it in the gov doc and we review it all at once…


Hello @reef-governance,

In an ideal world I would have liked to consult you on the Powerpoints for tonight’s training, but unfortunately I did not find the time for it. The one on Governance provides a short introduction to sociocracy and decision-making in The Reef, and the one Working Methods is based on the text of the Onboarding Manual.

All feedback is welcome of course.

My wish would be that in the medium / long term somebody else will take over this training course, but for the moment I’m happy to take this one.


Looks good Lie!

Slide 4 on main principles looks pretty dense. Perhaps it would be good to do it briefly at the beginning, highlighting equivalence and effectiveness, and then return to it again at the end, when some of the other things on the chart will make a bit more sense.

Will there be any exercises or breakout groups? Or do you think that presenting the all the info on the slides will take up enough time in itself?

My aim tonight is to take notes and be more involved in the training moving forward… :slight_smile:

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That slide is quite useless IMHO. I included it more for people who want to scroll through the Powerpoint at home. Other than that I just see it as a visual to convey the message “equivalence and effectiveness”.

I have not found a way to make this somewhat interactive other than pausing every once and a while for a round of Q&A.

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Hi @reef-governance
Long time no see…

I thought we would have a meeting once the governance doc was reviewed, but we are doing that online instead.
So I am wondering whether we still need to organise one?

Here are the main things I see in our backlog:

  • voting on sites ( @Sophie_B will you have time to work on this now? Let us know if we need to redistribute the task :slight_smile: )
  • team reviews : @ChrisM - anything you would need to discuss?
  • selection of the different bodies (société simple, ASBL board? ), starting to look for our Sages: could wait but we could also start thinking about it
  • selection of negociators team: starting to be a bit more pressing now I think

I am thinking it would be nice to have a meeting in January, even just a short one to touch base. What do you think?
Happy to hear we don"t need to, I think we could also just appoint a helping circle for the negociators team, and see later for the rest.

Just let me know your thoughts!


Hey @Sarah, indeed it’s been on my list for some time now (after I eagerly took if over from sb else…). I am flying out tomorrow so won’t be working on it until next year. Could do it in January, unless somebody else has some time beforehand.


Nothing to discuss for this… making a post on it in the near future.

Happy to meet in January if there’s a need…

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@reef-governance : Here is a poll to try and find a date for a meeting!
The aim is to meet before the 11/01 so that we can finalise the governance document.

  • Tuesday 19th
  • Tuesday 26
  • Wednesday 27
  • Thursday 28
  • Friday 29
  • Tuesday 2nd
  • Thursday 4th
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I just need to check a few dates with someone tomorrow, then I’ll be ready to fill in the poll…

Hi @reef-governance !

Following today’s meeting, here are the tasks that we picked up (I added them to our backlog):

  • Voting on sites: clarify approach with regards to personnal preferences and subjective criteria
  • Working methods:
    • Respecting deadlines
    • Plan – Do – Measure
    • Four-eye principle
  • Teams set-up:
    • do the consent process to joining a team only when the personn becomes a full member
    • “zombie teams” and fast teams remix ( Regularly assess are we enough or too many for this team? If we’re too many in a team, disperse the team and re-assigne people)
  • Teams’ work appreciation rounds, and generally how to work in more appreciation
  • How to deal with the lack of workforce for some teams (team inclusion, team external relations)

Here is what I would propose: the helping circle for voting on site reconvenes and makes a proposal for clarification, and then we meet as a team to discuss the final version of the manual, and the most pressing things above (I think we could keep the meeting very short).

So @ChrisM @Sophie_B can you fill in the poll below? And can the last one to fill in ping me on signal?

  • Tuesday 13/02
  • Saturday 24/02 am
  • Saturday 24/02 pm
  • Saturday 24/02 evening
  • Sunday 25/02 pm
  • Sunday 25/02 evening
  • Tuesday 27/02
  • Wednesday 28/02
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When we have a date, I’ll do a poll for a team meeting



Ha sorry, I thought the dates were for a Team G & WM meeting.

For the voting manual I’m afraid we don’t have so much time any more. Let me know if you need help to finalise it?

Also: the teams set-up thingy I’d like to get out of the way as soon as possible. I can write a short post to explain my point, and then we can see how we can take it from there.

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The first vote on buying a site is likely to be in 6 weeks, but it would be good if we can have the manual all sorted by the next plenary, which, if we have the feasibility studies in, should be the beginning of the 3-week countdown to that…

@Sarah and @Sophie_B - I’ve put 13/2 down for the meeting on that. I am actually available on some of the other dates, but as that’s the earliest one and we all seem to be free, we may as well go for that…



Ok, 13/2 it is then!

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@Sarah and @ChrisM can we make it 7.30pm? Will work on the manual today and upload something (finally…).

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All good for me :slight_smile:

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The proposal (with a lot of text in yellow) has been uploaded and the Nextcloud calendar updated - see you tomorrow :slight_smile: ping @ChrisM and @Sarah

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