Team Governance and Working Methods: getting started

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Hello @reef-governance

Following up from yesterday, we have to make a proposal for the statutes on the voting threshold at the GA.

Talking to chris about this, we figure that it makes most sense to use our notary’s experience and trust his expertise. So we would suggest to keep the 80% and adjust our governance documents.
Which would imply preparing a post asking FM for written process on amending our governance document (which I would do)

Does that seem like a plan to you? Or do you see things differently?

I am torn between not wanting to spend time on something that seems relatively minor, and wanting to spend time on it, because it’s maybe not that minor either.

Part of where I am coming from is that I did not have the best experience with these statutes: they had several inconsistencies on points that matter, one of which was in breach with the law.

The difference I see between 75% and 80% is that in the former you protect the group against difficult people, and in the latter you protect people from the group not respecting their needs.

In our group I worry much more about the former. One scenario could be one where the households who joined at the very latest develop a grudge against the households who were there from the start. If a decision only needs a “no” from 25%, it becomes more difficult to block the entire group.
Putting a higher threshold on the other hand entails a bigger risk of getting stuck when a decision is needed.

As a first step I would like to clarify with Mark which threshold they used in Brutopia and in l’Echappée. It’s just a number, so we should have until the 6th before we need to decide on this.

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Hi @reef-governance!

So the Sosim incorporation is happening sooner than expected, so we will need to get on the case.
Here are the main points that I see :

  • Board : we need to reorganise the selection process as some people left.
  • Board insurance (altghouh still not a gov task, so maybe that can be taken back by team finance now that they have a bit more muscle power)
  • Comité des sages: we said it was a team finance task to find people, but in the end discussing it at the coordination meeting, we thought we needed wider profiles than legal ones (also mediation for instance could be interesting); so it seems that the task should stay with us. For starter, I think it is just a network activation needed, with a post asking Reeflings to look into their circles to see if they could find somebody who could fit. I think we would need a role description for that though…

We are also long overdue a team coordinator review and seleciton process. So ideally we would organise a meeting. But everything feels quite full atm
Plus, we need to get started on this, but we don’t need a comité des sages on day 1, and I think Board selection shouldn’t be hard as we had the set up already. So that’s maybe not super pressing to meet and move things along…

Personnally I would say let’s meet calmly after 15/7 about this, and refine the plan.
But let me know if you think differently.


Thanks Sarah !

We could do this at the plenary on the 23rd. It’s easy enough to redo the survey thing that led into it, and there are no other changes to incorporate since the last time that it was on the agenda…

As far as I understand it, this comité des sages does need some legal background, in case disputes go that direction, but perhaps also some conflict resolution etc. background as well, so that they don’t always make it that far. So ideally some lawyers/judges and some others. Although as we noted in the meeting the other day, it may be a matter of taking whoever we can find, because there can’t be that many retirees from these professions who want to spend their time giving free services to a random cohousing project…

Fine with me :slight_smile:

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I am clearly not up to date - do we have a deadline/timeframe for this now?

Sounds good to me.

Dito :slight_smile:

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Yes that’s a fairly recent development. For now the idea would be to do the incorporation at some point in september…

New word!

Ok, will get to do the poll soon

I would personally postpone the selection for the Board until the moment that we incorporate. The reason is that this way it is possible for people who are currently not yet Full Members to be a candidate.

For the Comité de Sages I tend to disagree. The way I understand this, this is a pre-arranged way of extra-legal mediation. Therefore I think it’s highly recommended that these people have a legal background (most of those also come with mediation skills). The first step would be to make a one-pager that explains what would be expected of these people. To me personally this is a task that fits in the domain of Team Finance, not Governance.

As for a meeting, I love meeting up with you, but I’d rather not organise a team meeting if there’s no urgent agenda points. Always happy to hang out though :grinning: