Team Inclusion: getting started

@Sophie_Beese I would really appreciate having a bit more time for the investor bit. It’s very busy this week at work, Im travelling Monday evening and I have work dinner on Tuesday (and Wednesday unfortunately). I can definitely get it done for next time :slight_smile:

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@Sophie_Beese Done! Do get in touch if it would be helpful to discuss anything! Thank you for the great work : )

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@Sophie_Beese, I was planning on reading the proposal tonight (Tuesday), but I just read the plenary will be cancelled and replace by a potluck this week + Vicky’s post above about wanting more time for the investor bit. Is it still helpful if I proofread tonight or more useful to wait a bit longer and read it at a later time?

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Thank you @BarbaraG for all your comments and thoughts :slight_smile: I’ve tried to include everything (mainly the idea to stay open to a big unit, something also mentioned by @Lee). So @Nic, if you have the time to go through the updated proposal before the next plenary, that would be greatly appreciated!

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@VickyVanEyck just to see where you are at: Do you still want to chat about the investors profile? Maybe including @RichardB? I’m available this weekend, for example. That said, I think this proposal is not a top priority considering the long list of other topics (as confirmed by the coordination group yesterday), so there is definitely time to add the paragraph on the investors to it. :slight_smile:

Hi @Sophie_Beese sorry for the lack of reply. I was swamped with work for two weeks and then fell very ill for almost a week. Glad to hear the investor profile is not urgent for tomorrow. I’m happy to pick this up when its relevant again.

Hey Sophie, when would a be a good time for me to proof read? This plenary won’t include any proposal if I understood correctly, so does that mean it’ll most likely be for our weekend plenary (March 25 or 26)? I’ve been swamped with work the past few weeks, but should definitely be able to find some time the next two, before the weekend.

@Sophie_Beese let’s discuss this tomorrow when we see each other. I can work on this in the coming weeks to finalise the proposal. I might also have an idea for a third social investor but I’m still figuring out whether its a possibility.

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Hey @Nic, Maybe in that case wait until @VickyVanEyck has updated the proposal. I am not sure there will be space for this at the next plenary either so I was thinking of maybe creating a post with this proposal for written input (I spoke to another associate member and realised that the “second enlargement round” has never voiced their opinion on inclusion so I think it would be a good idea to do that soon and also this gives everyone the chance to think about potential investors :slight_smile:

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I will write the proposal this weekend, to be done at the latest by Sunday :slight_smile:

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Hey @reef-inclusion, it’s time to communicate our budget for april to september 2023.
For the last round, we earmarked legal council (200 euros) and print flyer (50 euros) and, as far as I am aware, didn’t use any of that. I guess we could simply carry this over?
@Lee, did you have somebody specific in mind for the legal council? Is that still relevant?
Thank you!

Hi @Sophie_Beese,

If we would have needed it I would have started by checking in with Joost from Okelaar (he’s a lawyer), but I guess it could have been any lawyer who works at an acceptable rate. Now that we have a notary however I guess this would be the first one to go to. Personally I would keep it, just in case we need the help from a lawyer to specify our relationship with our investors. That way you don’t have to go through the unexpected expenses process?

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I guess that’s a logical answer. So 250€ looks like the final answer.

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Hi @Sophie_Beese - I have noted down that we need to speak to the co-housing Eikenberg because they have inclusive units. If I remember, I also had an action point to speak to them about financing the multi-purpose room (I’m still waiting for the notes from the plenary of 23/03). Do either you or maybe @Sarah have their contact?

Hi @VickyVanEyck,

We already spoke to Eikenberg about inclusion, so I’d be weary to ask for that again (see this post).

The action point was about their multi-purpose room. On their website you’ll see that they have a super professional set-up, so the question that comes with it is which legal structure they use to receive revenues.

I’ll send you the guy’s contact details by email.

Hi @Lee thanks for clarifying, I think the action point was to speak to them about financing for the inclusive units and the multipurpose room? I did not mean on inclusion in general :slight_smile:

Hi Vicky,

I already spoke to go go for more than half an hour about their inclusive units and how they are financed. I posted the report above. I would not feel comfortable to ask him again, because I don’t feel that would reflect well on us.

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