Team monthly meeting 9/11

This Wednesday at 17h we have a scheduled call to discuss TREASURE and POPREBEL. Is anyone willing to join?
@ivan @alberto @Nica @matthias @hugi @nadia

From my part:

  • where are we with the last POPREBEL deliverable, the report? @alberto @Nica ?
  • can I request the invoice from Marco Manca for ethics in Poprebel? @alberto
  • other goods and services for POPREBEL - what is still left to be paid? @nadia
  • how are we proceeding with TREASURE? what is the state of events / content on the platform? @ivan
  • do we need a separate team meeting for TREASURE to do some planning? @ivan
  • note: reporting for TREASURE is coming up, we will be asked for some contribution already beginning of December.

Please add your points if you have. If you’re not able to join, reply to these questions here.

p.s. reminder to everyone for October timesheets.


I can be there! But will have to go at 11.40 am my time which is 17.40 your time.

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I will not join most team meetings from now on. I will join if there are special reasons for me to do so.

ok noted. could you just reply to this please:

Waiting for the various teams to process the data visualizations: Wishlist for Tulip visualization - #52 by SZdenek

I wrote to him to clean up the last bits, but:

In this case, Marco is a sole provider, which was accepted by the audit, so should be fine.

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Not able to join today, as I will be on a train at the time of the meeting.

From the IT team side, we are doing another round of overhaul on the Open Ethnographer software since last week, plus the implementation of the new major feature “coding projects” (@alberto). And @hugi: We will keep the data backwards compatible for the Graphryder / RyderEx software, by keeping existing #ethno-… Discourse tags in place. New codig work would (probably) not have these tags, which means that the RyderEx software will need an adaptation of its data import process during the course of the TREASURE project. Will be able tell details once we have the new API for Open Ethnographer in place.

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Understood. This would only affect the python import script, so all good.