Team Recruitment & Onboarding: getting started

Also, as there has been no objections concerning our policy review (Recruitment process review), I propose that @mieke and I move forward with creating the buddy pool ahead of the next presentation in 3 weeks.

Hi @Chris,

Once every 4 weeks seems a bit much to me, but happy to give it a try.

The weekend of 20 April is a bit difficult though. Can it be an option to look for a date next time we see each other?

Hey @ChrisM,

I see that my tag above didn’t fully come through. Could you please pick this one up? This may now get really urgent. TIA!

Hi @Lee !
Missed your message on the 3rd. And I meant to come back to this thread sooner, but lost touch with it somehow…

I can’t remember why every 4 weeks seemed like a good idea. Not attached to it at all, so perhaps every 6 weeks would make more sense. I propose that we have a meeting soon, and I’ll propose a schedule moving forward while we’re all together.

Having said that, finding a free moment to meet soon is easier said than done. The only two times I can see for me in the next few weeks are Sunday 28 April (morning or afternoon) or Friday 3 May (afternoon). Do either of those days work for you? And @mieke and @alberto ??

Sorry both dont work for me

Hello @reef-recruitment,

It’s the least important detail ever, but since a recent post from a newling who has actually read the manual, I learned that we actually have two posts on membership:

The last thread has also become so long that it has become difficult to scroll towards the end.

What would you say about a proposal to close the “membership update thread”, with a link to a new one, where the first post would say something that this thread is meant for updates on people who are leaving?

I stumbled on l’Echappée’s manual (doing something else), and stumbled on something that I wanted to take note of. It’s on p. 5, where they speak about their recruitment process, where it says:

Au plus nous arrivions à la limite de taille de notre groupe, au plus nous avions des critères de sélections précis pour atteindre un équilibre entre personnes seules, familles, jeunes et moins jeunes, de langue différente.

Link to the manual:
Link to our post on Edgeryders: L'Echappée: manual, vision and statutes


This is well within team autonomy.

Actually, we have 5 posts on membership:

I brought this up at a Team R&O meeting last year, and we agreed (I think… I don’t really want to trawl back through the minutes at this point) to keep ‘Welcome to the Reef!’ for proactive newlings to announce themselves, and which is the link provided in the Edgeryders manual. And we agreed to keep ‘Membership: update’ for members to announce they’re leaving and for us to announce who had moved on to the next stage of membership after a GA meeting. I tried to combine the other three threads into ‘Membership: update’, assuming they would slot into their date order, but they all bounced in at the end of the thread, which made it messy. This is also one of the reasons it’s now too long.

Fine with me, although would it also be for post-GA meeting updates concerning new Associate and Full Members? Also, buddies currently use the ‘Membership: update’ thread to welcome new members to the platform if they haven’t announced themselves on ‘Welcome to the Reef!’. This is the advice given and link provided in the buddy manual. So perhaps that should change too…

Yes and no. In terms of where the project is at right now, not exactly on the same level as getting the société simple sorted :slight_smile: But in terms of attracting new members, which may be an extremely important part of the process soon, better if we don’t confuse the hell out of them with their first foray onto the platform…

Thanks @ChrisM!


  • We keep the “welcome” thread and point the buddies attention to this.

  • We close the “update” thread, start a new one and use it for all exit or other messages (GA and everything). To keep a link between threads, you can write the first message of the new thread in the old one, then zap it to a new topic, and then close the old topic.

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@reef-recruitment, quick message for Wednesday’s meeting: I am planning to bring a detailed meeting preparation, which will in a way also be some sort of draft agenda. After that we can go in full brainstorming mode. Does that work for you?

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All good! I’ll take care of tidying this up…

Also all good! I didn’t intend to prepare an agenda, because I assumed that after our last conversation you had a bunch of priority points coming out of the Coordination Group meeting. I have one or two small outstanding points from our last Team R&O meeting, but I suspect they will now be directly related to what you have in mind…


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Hi @ChrisM @Lee , the minutes of our last meeting are added to Nextcloud.
Two quick questions:

  • Is Miro already booked for 29 May?
  • Shall we plan our next meeting? (Unfortunately I have limited availibilites because I am away during the long weekend)
  • Sunday 5 May evening after 7 PM
  • Monday 6 May evening after 7h30 PM
  • Tuesday 7 May evening
  • Wednesday 8 May evening
  • Monday 13 May evening
  • Tuesday 14 May evening
  • None of the above
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I don’t think so.
@alberto - would you be able to do that? I think you sent an email last time and it worked out quite well. Having said that, I’m happy to try and do it via text message if you prefer…

Does that mean we’re not meeting on the 19th? I was actually going to bring that up, because I want to organise a brunch at my place as a social event for new members, and the 19th is the only date I’ve got free for that before their deadline. We could still try and squeeze the meeting in before or after, but I would prefer it if it was another day. Unfortunately, I can’t make any of the dates above…

The meeting for the 19th is still on (I think), but I proposed some new dates because I understood that we wanted to have another meeting in between.

Let’s look at the question of the meeting in function of what we need to get done:

  • In the next few days we need to be ready to send out the announcement of the next presentation

  • By 26/05 we need to be ready with a proposal to be presented to the plenary

  • By 29/05 we need to know what we are going to tell future Exploring Members

Looking at that, I think we can stick with our meeting on 19/05, and if we need to consult in between, then let’s do that in pairs on Signal, and keep each other informed on Edgeryders?

That said I don’t feel comfortable cancelling our team meeting to be able to organise a social event. A social event can be organised by other people at any moment, so I prefer to use the time that we booked for a meeting (hard to find) for something that is now the key priority in The Reef. Would that be ok?


If it’s important for you not to move the meeting, then we go ahead and meet on the 19th as planned. But it’s the responsibility of Team R&O to organise a social event for Exploring Members to meet the rest of the group during this period. And I would say that welcoming new members is also a priority at this point in the project. As putting on a brunch at my place that day was my only possibility to take that task on, could you and @mieke think about when you might have time to host or organise an event before the 26th…

I would slightly disagree on this one. Organising socials sits with Team Community Life, and in any case it’s something we can always just throw in the group?
That said I can offer my place for a brunch on the 18th if the group could move to the bar at the corner after 3 pm or so.

Organising (regular) socials in general sits with Team Community Life, but specifically putting one on in the 3-4 weeks after a presentation is Team R&O. We decided that in a team meeting a while back, and added it to the steps in the ‘Onboarding - membership manual’. It’s a largely academic point, as Mieke and I are responsible for both :slight_smile:

No need. In the ever-changing tumultuous landscape that is my schedule, I’ve just seen that I can also offer my place on the 18th, so I’m going to run with my original idea and make a post imminently. Thanks for the offer though…

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Hi there, could we have our meeting in the morning and lunch instead of brunch afterwards, on the 19th? A few exploring members were already aware of a possible event on the 19th, even though it was to be confirmed.
I am unfortunately not available on the 18th, if you prefer to do it then, go ahead without me, no worries.