Membership: update

This is a very short post to update everybody on where we stand with people who would like to join The Reef or not.

Not joining The Reef

@KoenVanMeel and @Zoe and Anaël have decided not to join The Reef. It’s much to their regret, but they found that they are not able to dedicate enough time. Koen would still be interested though to purchase an inclusive unit should the possibility exist.

Follow up:

  • If you want to say bye you can tag them in this post or you can send me an email and then I’ll forward it to them.
  • We will remove their access to Nextcloud and remove their data if there were any (personal fiche etc).
  • We will take them out of the Reeflings group here on Edgeryders. Should they want to they can of course still follow our debates here.
Requests to become an Associate Member

We have received a request to become an Associate Member from @Mas (Malaz), @Pieter and @ChrisM and @Sarah.


  • We need a transparent process on how the current Full Members will handle these requests. I need a bit more time to get this done, but it’s on my list. To get the process adopted we will this time strictly stick to the process set out in the Governance document (everybody can get heard but the decision will be for the current members only).
  • Once this is done will inform everybody and adjust the Members Registry.
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@KoenVanMeel, @Zoe, so sad to see you go! Hope we can still be in touch somehow.

And looking forward to approve the associate membership of @Mas, @Pieter, @ChrisM and @Sarah!

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Update: Jitske and Barbara have decided not to join The Reef, due to lack of time and also some disagreement with the process. The email explaining why is in the common mailbox.

@alberto: can somebody in Team IT delete their accounts on Nextcloud? Thanks!

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Done. Sad to see you go, @Barbara1 and Jitske,good luck! I see you were never added to the Reeflings group, so you should not receive unwanted notifications.