Team Recruitment & Onboarding: getting started

Hi team!

I have added a document to the Team Recruitment and Onboarding folder with a current overview of approaching membership deadlines, which can be found here:

I wasn’t sure if the 3 months of associate membership started from the date of application or the date of GA approval. I would think the latter, so that it is more or less the same date for each new round of onboarding. Anyway, I’ve left this part vague for the moment, so feel free to change it if you like…


Hi Chris,

Thanks for that, it looks great. I agree on making it 3 months after the GA approval.

One thing that would be good for the sake of consistency is the deadline for Full Membership that we communicate at the presentation. Maybe the easiest is to just stop doing that? For now though we have communicated deadlines, and these you can find in the Team Coordination planning file (internal link).

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Thanks Lie! I’ve changed them to be in line with the Team Coordination file… :slight_smile:

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Hi @Lee and @alberto !

Shall we organise a Team Recruitment and Onboarding meeting for next week?

Ideally, we would wait for @mieke to get back, but with the presentation happening on Wednesday and a new group of Exploring Members on the horizon, I think it would be good to clarify a few things sooner rather than later.

I haven’t got a lot of space, with my mum being over, but I’m free all day Friday (until about 19h), if that would work for you both…


Friday is pretty much the only space I have too!

Friday I can do any time, except between 12 and 14:30.

@alberto can you please fix a time slot with Chris and put the meeting on Nextcloud?

@ both: I added a couple of possible agenda points in our agenda document. Can you please add yours to the list?

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Will do :slight_smile:

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Heads up, I tentatively rescheduled to 16.00. I got stuck with a work meeting… apologies.

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@reef-recruitment: thanks for the meeting! The minutes & action points are in the usual document.

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Good evening @reef-recruitment! We reorganised & condensed the ‘Onboarding admin & logistics’. Don’t hesitate to take a look at it & ask Chris & me for clarification, if needed.


Hello @reef-recruitment,

I look forward to meeting up tomorrow. I have added a couple of points to the backlog, for possible inclusion in the draft agenda, which I marked by a different type of bullet points and by adding my name at the end.

See you tomorrow!

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Here’s the agenda for tonight:

I’ve numbered the backlog items and tried to link them to agenda points. The time needed for each point is a best guess, but if they turn out to be accurate, the meeting will last for two hours.


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@reef-recruitment have you seen Anna’s email? I think we still accept them as exploring, no?

I think they could join the current wave of Exploring members.
@Lee - any objections? If not…
@mieke - would you be able to reply to the email and set them up with a one-on-one?


In light of the fact that presentations, onboarding and membership may all need to be drastically revised if we buy a site, it would be good to have a meeting sooner rather than later, to get ahead of those discussions. Here’s a poll with some possible dates over the next few weeks:

  • Tuesday 5 March (evening)
  • Thursday 7 March (evening)
  • Sunday 10 March (afternoon)
  • Monday 11 March (evening)
  • Tuesday 12 March (evening)
  • Thursday 14 March (evening)
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I sent them an email last Thursday and I saw that they replied yesterday: since they are moving out of their apartment, they are available for a one-on-one as of next week. I wonder if it would not be better then to include them in the next round, because I assume we will organise a public presentation soon? It would make it easier to keep track of deadlines etc. Any thoughts?

Isn’t this the one whose email got lost?

If yes I would say we owe them one and let them be out of sync.

And even if not: we also sort of let other people be out of sync, which didn’t cause too much of a hassle?

For our meeting: can we confirm 10/03 and dix a time?

I also think they can be included in this round, especially as Hilde and Geert now have until after the next plenary (Hilde is coming to the apero on Saturday, by the way, and seems quite excited).

Is ‘dix’ an acronym for something? Regardless, lets confirm the 10th and indeed dix a time :wink: There’s scouting (assuming we’re still doing that) in the morning, so how about we say 16h?

Dix… fix… :wink:
16h is good for me, earlier or later as well.

No they are not the ones whose email got lost but OK, I’ll try to meet them next week!


Hello @reef-recruitment,

I added two little points to the backlog, put the tasks together and highlighted some points in green that have become a little more urgent.

Is our meeting on Sunday online or in presence? Would it be possible to add it to the Nextcloud calendar?