Teams set-up: small updates

I’m launching a new thread to report on small changes to the teams set-up. If there would be something that you feel you can’t consent to, feel free to flag it (even in a PM) and then we’ll bring it up at the plenary meeting. Otherwise silence will be taken as a sign of consent.

The overview of the set-up can found in the Team Reef folder (internal link)

In this first episode:


I would like to propose to @MariaClaudia to join Team IT in substitution of Pieter. Maria Claudia, Team IT is task-based: there are no meetings, occasionally something needs done, and then we divide it among us and do it.

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Hi @alberto, thanks for proposing it, ok for me. Based on our doc, I’m currently in Building and Logistic but some weeks ago we agreed with @alberto to move from Logistic to Governance. Based on the last update, I will be in Governance and IT ( and hopefully from mid January more concretely available). @Lee: I didn’t update the “Team-set-up” doc as requested. Many thanks

Uh… I did not mean to disrupt more important task. IT is low-effort, low-priority.

Hello @reeflings,

In November we set a review clause for the Teams set-up by the end of January. Therefore I’d like to gather your possible input for that, so that we can quickly discuss this at the next plenary meeting.

Because Nextcloud is a bit complicated these days I created a good old Google document.

If you’d like to get in or out of a certain team, can you please fill in this document, say by Thursday 19/01 COB?

Apart from personal wishes I think it would be good if we can also approach this review from the point of view of what we need as a group. Here’s a couple of my observations in that regard:

  • Team Building could well use 1-2 extra people.
  • I think it would be a win for the group if 1-2 people who don’t identify as guys would join Team Facilitation.
  • I think there are too many people on Team Conflict Management (especially compared to the needs of other teams)

So if you would hear a calling: please don’t hesitate to fill in the Google document, so that we can see whether we can make the puzzle work!


To this I would add two proposals:

  • @reef-it to remain in maintenance and troubleshooting mode: no meeting, no major tasks other than keep things running (examples: make sure that the domain registration and the Nextcloud instance are paid on time; update the website as needed; install the Nextcould updates) and troubleshooting (example: look into things that appear not to work, open tickets as needed, follow up as needed).
  • @reef-logistics to become again an “accordion” team, with one person to organize the work (this used to be Pieter), and as many volunteers as needed to carry out specific tasks when logistics activity “peaks”. For example, when we did a presentation, Pieter would make a task list and ask others to complete each task. “Alberto brings the laptop, beamer and cables, and is in charge of the slides set-up. Sophie can be at the door to take the emails of people who show up. Manuel, bring some drinks”, etc. But when we were not doing a presentation, there was no reason for any of us to think of ourselves as members of Team logistics.

I would like to make sure that Building, Finance and Inclusion have capacity, because there is going to be a lot to do.


Neither Ralf nor Thomas are a part of this team anymore… I have put their names on the Excel sheet

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It’s with pain in my heart, but I would like to leave Team Inclusion because I need a bit more space for myself now that I will go back to work. If there is a need, I’d be happy to do some ad-hoc work though.

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it would be nice to get someone in team comms materials since thomas is gone i am the only one that i know there and i think we need at least a counter-balance

@manuelpueyo, Jeremy kindly offered to stay on the team and help out.

Also, I’m not sure whether this was already said somewhere, but Barbara also volunteered for the NVC study group, so you’re not alone on that one either.

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Hello @reef-governance, after speaking to Lie, I wanted to let you know that I will temporarily leave this team to fully focus on Team Building. I’ve been offered a literary translation (to be handed in by the end of June) that will eat up most of my free time in the months to come.
Pinging @alberto as the coordinator of the societé simple helping circle that I would also like to leave, possibly for good, assuming we’re going to be all set legal-structure-wise by next summer :slight_smile: