TechBlick 01 - Abe [EN]

Do you think electronics can play a role in making the car industry more sustainable?

Uh, yeah, I think so. So because so the, you know, car industry is kind of huge. The even think about circular economies into the car industries is a big should be a big impact.

And the same question about circular economy, what do you think. Can electronics play a role in making the car industry more circular?

Yeah, I think so. So even today’s car industries, most of the cases are still circular, like because most of the cases are vehicle or including cars made from, you know, steels. They there are lots of, you know, contract. They uh, make waste of cars into the, you know, useful low steel, low, you know, useful metal.

And do you think the car industry can promote the circular economy?

Yes, but but I have no specific ideas for this question.

And do you think the car industry is already doing something for circular economy?

I’m say we??

Think the car industry is already promoting or already doing a circular economy.

Yes, I yeah, I think so. So in terms of the vehicle itself is most of material is circular but so future. So today’s vehicle working with a petrol like gas. But so future vehicle needs to be compatible with the you know energy from the environment like solar uh hydrogen instead alternate of the petrol. So the next challenge should be, you know, in terms of the batteries.

Um, do you currently own a car?

Yes, yes.

Which kind of car is it?

Uh, I so I, I am, I have, you know, plug in hybrid type of car.

Is that electronic or petrol or hybrid.

Hybrid. Both hybrid. Both. Yes.

Uh, what personal or professional experience have you had with electronics? In cars? You have used electronics, for example GPS or Navi. And so do you have any issues about that?

I have no issues. Yeah. Currently.

And which kind of experience did you make with that kind of experience. Did you make with electronics in the car? Um.

So in terms of the electronics. So now today’s car is pretty functional in terms of the, you know, make make it more safety using the Ada system, millimeter wave system, but also, you know, communication with others more smooth by Interface of the kind of cell phone. More, you know, more device friendly.