TechBlick 27 - Serena [EN]

Do you think electronics can play a role in making the car industry more sustainable?

Yes, I think the hybrids or electric. Driving is helping a lot. But also it’s very important that we, as we use we share cars. So not only the electronics, but I still believe that it’s a great thing we we developed.

And do you think that the electronics can play a role in making the car industry more circular? More in circular economy?

That’s I don’t know. Sorry.

Okay. Do you currently own a car?

Yes I do.

Which kind of car is it?

It’s a Renault Clio.

Is it an electric or hybrid or petrol?

No. It’s petrol. Yes, but I try to bicycle as much as possible and I share it with four people total. So I share my car.

What personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in a car? You have used?

On my navigation system. And. Apple CarPlay.
I think. Um

Any issues with that?

no. Because it’s a Renault Clio.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in car electronics like GPS or Navi?

No, not that much because I think everybody knows everything. When we all use a smartphone, you don’t have privacy anymore. Everybody can be tracked, can be listened to. So I think since we use telephones, mobile telephones, smart phones. There’s less privacy. So then I don’t matter if it’s in the car car too or.

So electronics in general. It’s the same.

I think so, yeah.

Other general concerns about privacy and thinking about circular economy practice reusing.

No, not for me. No.