For your information: the call for articles has been aired on georgian television (first minute):

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Do you think it works?

Inge, this looks impressive as it happens so early in the game :slight_smile: thanks!!

I remember TV is quite big there. Got any idea if the people we’re looking for, the trailblazers are watching?

Is it a mainstream programme? How do you think it will help?

It happened the same with unMonastery, we were suddenly in Vanity Fair, and thought: ok but why would they be interested in a piece on a radical project? And then we went… hey, can’t be bad :slight_smile: I guess what I’m saying is that I have no idea, but very curious how this works and what channels we should be targeting and which we don’t need to sweat…

Still, it’s commendable

Media landscapes differ across countries and across areas of interest. Edgeryders stuff gets quite a lot of exposure in some countries, but that does not seem to translate into project traction – signups, interesting content etc. All of that comes from the Internet. Media is not nearly as powerful as it thinks it is.

That said, I commend your enterprising spirit, [Inge Snip] . That was very well done, thank you and congratulations!


That is def true, I hear you, but you have to understand that the vast majority of Georgians get their information from television, not so much internet, and I just wanted to make sure that we cover as large of an area as we can. It would be a shame to miss out on interesting people who would not have heard of us otherwise.

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