Template: Mission Brief

The calls to action on the Spot the Future website and social media will translate key issues highlighted by participants in the Post2015 consultations translate them into research questions. Some may be grouped into broader themes - and will paint a picture based on critically questioning the status quo/ available survey data and articles etc.

Each research question is then framed as a creative call for participation around the topic, what we call a “Mission Brief”. In Mission Briefs we present the audience with the apparent, objective data…then switch the perspective towards that of inspiring citizen initiatives and propose open questions which participants can answer by simply telling us their personal experience. By framing each issue as (an) open question(s) to participants in the Spot the Future project we set out expectations as to the kind of input that would be most informative for everyone involved: personal stories, accounts of how small solutions are working already, unique ways in which participants identify or not with the issue at hand.

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Shall we start forming the Armenian version too?

I think the situation in Armenia and Georgia is pretty similar, if to reflect on the content of the template, but still there are differences. What are the main themes we should focus on when making our version of this?

Yes please, Wiki with themes is now up

Check out this weeks Working Out Loud post, I think you’ll find it helpful.

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