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Green Economies That Don’t Exist, But Could.

We are the Sci-Fi Economics Lab. Inspired by science fiction, we nurture and support new, radical ways to think about the economy and economic policy.

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Creative Economic Thinking Inspired by SciFi?


Participants cocreate the world through stories and art set inside witness. Develops the world further witness.


Group 1

We involve economists and scientists to help with translating what happens in witness into economic models.

Immersive Experience

Group 2

Professional artists create works that enable people to discover, explore and experiment in the world.

An open-source world of desirable and possible alternative societies

A community of storytellers, scientists and changemakers are building witness - an open-source fictional world.

It pays a lot of attention to its economies, and makes its economies radically different from the one we live in.



The World


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