Testing and demonstrating systemic innovations in support of the Farm-to-Fork Strategy (LC-GD-6-1-2020)

Hello team,

this is to coordinate the work on this call, on the topics C/D.

Background: I attended this networking event on 23rd of October. Out of seven 1:1 meetings one resulted in actually joining this consortium, another one might lead to that (still need to do some follow up meetings).

Here we use our standard workpackage and contribute to the project currently entitled "BEE Proactive: Enhancing SMART beehive monitoring systems to reduce pesticide use". Initial concept note here. The consortium is still being finalized and the WPs will be further shaped based on that. It is led by the Sabanci University (Turkey), although the official leader might be different. I communicated with Christopher Mayack from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Today we had a meeting with several other partners and our approach fits well. One of the requirements of the call is to engage not only the practitioners but also public and private institutions and citizens with special focus on young generation of farmers, entrepreneurs and researchers.

This would be a large online conversation on sustainability and resilience of food systems but focusing on the beekeeping community. It might be a bit challenging for us, but I think overall it’s super interesting and there is a great potential in exploring this topic also within the existing community on our platform. Other partners will be experts in the field with good networks so I’m sure they could contribute with onboarding the targeted communities. They also plan to use online communication to connect better bee health experts and beekeepers, but also to test their solutions. Our platform could support this as well. Note: they asked for multilingual options (it will most likely be Turkish, German, English and maybe another language).

Next steps:

  • in the upcoming days they will define the PI and the consortium leader
  • dedicated google drive will be shared
  • we will be asked to contribute. From our side, we start with sharing with them our adapted standard workpackage. For this, I will need @alberto for a paragraph to make it more adapted to the topic, and @nadia for the outreach and engagement part. Note: we might also be asked to integrate our methodology in the existing WP (not lead our own). We can decide on the KPIs and keep them lower, depending on the budget. We’ll discuss this when the time comes.
  • anyone else from the team is welcome to comment, contribute and share ideas, especially when it comes to signing off to what we finally promise.

ping: @noemi @amelia @johncoate @matthias @hugi @MariaEuler @IvanC @bojanbobic



I love orthoptera :slight_smile:

This actually sounds like fun!

unfortunately, we had to drop this one, as agreed with @alberto. The reason is that the coordinator plans to hire a consultancy company to do the writing. It would mean we have to contribute now with around 500 eur to pay for this service + (the deal breaker) in case the project is approved the consultancy takes 4% of the entire budget (20% of the marginality) - which we don’t like.

In any case, our estimation is that even with lots of re-writing, their chances of winning are low.

ahaha ok lol no way