The Identity App Project - Tunisia

About the Project leader

I am Salaheddine Ogontayo the Project leader of “The Identity App ”. I am passionate about people development and project Innovation, with progressive international Experience in Human resources, Project management, Digital Marketing, and Information Technologies. I see bringing innovation and a positive impact on people and businesses and believing in People’s development and empowerment as a key to business success.

About Identity:

Identity is an engaging platform that aims to help new residents moved to major cities in Tunisia to explore and develop their new lifestyles. It helps them by providing new activities, insights, places, and events to discover, the app is rewarding people based on their engagement with the app suggestions by transformable points in the marketplace.

Identity is as well a marketplace for local small businesses in retails, food and beverage, sport and entertainment, or traditional and cultural enterprises, helping them to gain visibility and target a broad category of potential customers via a user-friendly platform, accessibility via map and branding assistance with low costs.

Our core Values are

Helping New resident to build a healthier Lifestyle.

Helping small local businesses to join the digital Era and grow their communities.

Engaging, valuable and data-safe Experience.

Our Social Impact:

On Individuals: Since 2013, millennials have seen a 47% increase in major-depression diagnoses. A research done by Harvard Medical School showed that the overall rate increased from 3 to 4.4% among 18- to 34-year-olds, caused by loneliness, burnout, and money stress. Taking care of their well-being via engaging them in real-life activities and help them to have a smooth and easy integration within the new society and environment and engage them to build healthy habits and avoid stressful routines and burnout became our primary objective. We are also focusing on sustainable development goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages by empowering mental health and fight depression, loneliness, and anxiety.

On Businesses: We aim to connect local small businesses to the digital transformation and promote their brands, products, and services with simple use and low costs, especially for new social entrepreneurs and artists as a primary target.

I joined OCI Lab Online Incubator program since December 2019 and benefited from the online labs and webinar;

The program helped us to understand the real issues that our potential customers are facing via validating hypothesis and defining the persona. Via the the problem tree, generating the hypothesis and the lean canvas sessions and tasks, we created a clear picture about the target audience and the market.

With the lean canvas and MVP sessions and feedback, we validated our first plan to go to market and the first features to publish.

The program offered a space to ask and think, the dedicated support lead us to build a strong value proposition and work more on social aspects.

Our Progress:

The Team : we built a strong team of 5 people specialized in Information systems development, Digital Marketing and Project Management .

The first Prototype: we finalized our first prototype and we started the core solution development (Backend)

The challenges:

Data accessibility in Tunisia is about youth, small businesses, and mental health. We want to access to more insightful reports to learn more about how new residents are dealing with the cultural and social challenges and how small businesses are open to join the digital Era as well as the limitations they are facing.