THE machine is quasi in stand still, time to rip out some pieces and design some new? A call to practice new forms economy

Hello all,

[DISCLAIMER: I hope i’m in the right subcategory, but if i remember well, the sci-fi economics was all about new models of economics through imaginative collective]

For Belgium it now is the 7th official day of confinement, and when i go through some of my feeds there is an underlining collective voice to give attention to:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

This boutade attributed to Rahm Emanuel was recently also paraphrased in an interview with Naomi Klein [1]

on the urgency to act now on the economical policies that will be taken in the next couple of weeks. If we aren’t conscious we will be having the same policies as the crisis of 2008. Meaning: the small man will pay for the status quo of an asocial economy for the 1%. So time to make use of our long hours in a collective way.

We need get conscious about one thing: at no other moment in the last 50 years the economy is come to such a stand still (globally but more accurately in western society). That economical machine that maybe brought greatness at one point, but was becoming an untameable beast pushing us all into a ratrace where only the happy few could escape from.

But now that machine is standing still waiting to be fueled up, so why wouldn’t we look at the engine, take some pieces out, redo the whole framework and add some human centered new functionalities? There is no better time.

This little text is an invitation to anywho is feeling this urge too and wants to look into “not wasting this crisis”

I’m thinking about roaming around groups and people who are already discussion this matter and looking how to drive this energy in the same direction. It is the perfect moment to bring up again discussions like people driven politics, basic income, Resilient & regenerative culture, …

If we don’t push this pieces in the machine that is at a stand still now, we will have to wait for a really long time

Take care, and stay home & safe at the moment!

And the little sci-fi story that goes with it:


  • C’est l’histoire d’une machine qu’on pensais être dirigée par 1% qui poussèrent le 99% à être dans une course sans relâche. Mais était devenue une machine absurde ,sans logique, incontrôlable mais qui poussait tous le monde a continuer.
  • Car Intouchable et vénéré comme un dieu, il n’était pas possible de le questionner
  • Mais un virus créa un arrêt dans cette machine
  • Les fidèles et fanatique paniquèrent en lui donnant les offrandes classiques
  • Un groupe d’hérétique commencèrent à démonter la machine et à y placer d’autres rouages avant que la machine ne recommence.


[1] “Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | Democracy Now!


super @yannick how can we support your efforts? We are mobilising/ coordinating around community members’ initiatives so if there is any way we can help just post it there Do you want to join our Covid19 Community Response? A breakdown of Edgeryders activities, roles, tasks and workflows - #42 by martin

I’m exactly in the same mood, Yannick :blush: We have developed PayCoupons as a non-capitalist, reciprocal, better-than-money, magic barter based marketplace for the last 7 years now, ever since the last crisis was over. I think we’re ready … to support small businesses and such, taking over from The Machine.

But how …? Where’s the door to The Machine Room so I can go there and take out some parts?


In a similar mood these days. But like @matthias said, I also can’t quite see “an access door”, a place to start… not sure I have much to contribute, but I’ll be interested to see how this evolve @yannick.

Hey Matthias en Alessandro,

I completely understand the problem of the access door, that was always the main problem in system change i think. But now, with this extra layer of confinement i see discussions going much faster as before. As for example the traction gained for basic income in Germany is impressive.

I like what XR Berlin is doing with this document with listing sub categories of projects we could collectively work on:


I enjoyed the document, thank you very much!

The last link in there proved to be an especially valuable article regarding our common question of “where are the openings for change right now”:

Hello @yannick, I am reading you… I still need a bit of time to think it over.


Hi @yannick, exactly what we’ve been thinking!

We currently are forming a group with the working title “Bold New World”. Mostly German-based people in the loop now because there’s also concrete discussions on how to respond to the massive Government bailouts, but everyone wants to think this bigger (EU-wide, and at least networking on a global level) soon. I think in 1-2 weeks we’ll have more on that, would be happy to get your input! Should I ping you once we’re ready?

One thing I’m thinking about is how can we demonstrate meaningfully to people that another system can meet their needs better? Are you familiar with Mutual Aid Networks? I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a virtual/online one, and trying to understand what value this would have in an emergency response.

I’m also supporting a blockchain project called SEEDS - which is built to support planetary regeneration and has a bunch of smart ideas built in (P.S. Happy to send invites if you’d like one!). @matthias I’ll have to take a closer look at PayCoupons too, perhaps they might even be complimentary!

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hey; dunno if you have seen this? What can we do to help your work and to help grow a network of mutual aid efforts? - #4 by prgrzn_10


Yes, thanks! I saw this and once I have some concept together for this, I’ll post it here to find more problem owners and contributors. I wanted to sketch out something first, that can be an achor for the further discussion/design of it.


Hey Hires,

I was in one of the calls last week, but didn’t get into the slack channel that was following because i really don’t understand slack :stuck_out_tongue:

Will look at the links you send, thanks

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Already a small world here at Edgeryders! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t join all the calls, but hope you can connect soon… yes, we’re using Slack for now, as a low-friction solution for most people. Actually, if you left your e-mail address on one of the meetings docs, you should be getting news soon!

I wrote in the meantime this little piece about how i find bandcamp an interesting base for possible cultural economical platforms

Let me know what you think @alberto @nadia @hires @matthias @noemi


Thanks for sharing, I’ve never used bandcamp, but yes better, more cooperative (Do you know e.g. Fairmondo?), and user-owned soounds great!

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Do you know about
This is a crypto-currency with very low energy consumption, where the monetary creation is human centered. It’s like if basic income meet crypto!
You also can learn more about here: Duniter | Home

Today our economic system is based on debt. Credits make deposits!
When we paid loan, we refund the principal, but where come from interests? It’s simply debt for future generation.
We cannot continue with scarcity money, where some humans are ready to destroy people and nature to found money… just to eat and live!

GDP, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions follow the same curve.
We have to decouple this curves! This is the most important breaking change we have to do today.

With basic income, we can spent our time for common goods, not for personal subsistence…
We can go for automatisation, open source technology and more… which have better ecological footprint and material consumption, and destroy today useless jobs without fear for missing money.
Let’s build a better future, change money, change life!


Hi @manutopik, welcome. I am reading your book on the Relative theory of money. I am also reading Kelton’s new book for the general public, which should give me a firm intuitive grip on Modern Monetary Theory.

The discussion on money is important. Following Graeber’s Debt, I think it must also be a discussion on power and violence. I need to read more, then I am planning to write a blog post of my own.