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This is our first experimental chat thread!

Please chat away what you want in general, share funny ideas or links and also what you think would be needed in a chat for the NGI Platform!
(we had some discussion here: Chat rooms after events? but want to start by trying it out in this form :))


One positive development out here in California is that new state privacy laws go into effect on weds that bring California up close to the GDPR, which is far in advance of the US federal or any other state governments. The same principle here applies as the GDPR: you own your data and must give permission or it is essentially theft. Many AI outfits and driverless car and other car companies are freaking out about it because they won’t be able to have as much data available to make their decisions. As if that is their right…it is the age-old “opt out or in” question. I say always go with opt in.

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Good morning everyone. Howare you going into the next year?

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With the kids


Happy new year! With cats and friends :). Virtually and in person

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Here is a link to a Politico story describing what a hard time regulators are having enforcing the GDPR.

It seems that complaints get made and lawsuits get filed, but nothing seems to happen much after that…

Sample quote, “After nearly one and a half years we must concede that we have a huge problem with the enforcement of cross border processing especially by globally acting companies,” a spokesperson for the authority, one of 16 in Germany, told POLITICO, referring to cases that concern web users in more than one country. “It is absolutely unsatisfactory to see that the biggest alleged data protection violations of the last 15 months with millions of individuals [concerned] are far away from being sanctioned."

so this does not seem to work…what does a chat need to work?

Interest and a sense that there is some energy there. I think it is up to us to keep trying to kickstart it…

By the way, and for those who missed it, I very much enjoyed our open source discussion on Zoom today with @erik_lonroth @felix.wolfsteller and @Emile.


This was a discussion about open source and Erik’s theme of finding ways to teach teachers in schools about the value of open source. Not as simple as it might sound!