Next Generation Internet 2019 - from first steps to first festival

Hello dear NGI community!

Meeting with friends and family in person during the holidays has made me thankful for the level of contact and lifestyle inclusiveness digital communication and tools are already enabling, but also how many layers of human interaction keep left out or how misinformation or adds can influence the opinions of some people we thought we know or what we find under the Christmas tree.

There is so much potential for positive empowerment of human relationships and development, yet also danger for misuse and hurt in interconnected digital rooms and systems.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas this year!

The NGI discussion on the Edgryders Platform officially started in spring 2019.

One of the most popular early discussions was started with a short but very relevant post by our own @johncoate and the question: “What is to be done about ad-based internet economy?”

We picked up two great fellows, @pbihr and @zelf, who initialised two of the most popular discussions:


Another discussion that gathered a lot of interest was this one by @JollyOrc:

Somewhere along the way, we asked ourselves and you to reflect on what this platform is and can be in truly collective fashion:

We organised an international festival with you guys in less than 5 months from conception to more than 15 events in 9 countries realised between the 19th an 29th of November by amazing and engaged community members. A thousand thanks to them and their local helpers and especially to our own @nadia for conceiving and realising not only the whole festival but also one of the events!
You can find links to all of the original festival posts linked on the minisite created for the festival:

A post linking all the reports of the different events will follow soon.

Some great new members have joined us in through the festival and we got some great interviews from @katejsim:

And directly after and in reaction to the topics and discussions of their events @BlackForestBoi started a great initiative in which @soenke and @lylycarrillo and many more have joined to develop a collective intelligence incubator:

On the topic of collective intelligence, all of us here on the platform are part of the collective NGI research project using Edgeryders Semantic Social Network Analysis. Our amazing ethnographer’s team has provided us with the first preliminary insights from analysing your fascinating contributions:

The insights from this preliminary report, our discussions for how to increase the number of personal stories, examples and viewpoints in discussion for deeper engagement and the conversation following @erik_lonroth event on Open Source Culture. have motivated us to start a new experiment in this new year. We want to try out to add a “chat” to the platform.

We will start doing so simply with a chat topic which will be pinned to the top of the NGI category and which we will try to use like a chat in which you can just share a few words or a meme if you feel like it and hopefully get a quick reaction. We are discussing the topic in the linked thread.

And to end this retrospective one last link from the festival, combining past and future in the super interesting SciFi Economics event which is connected to many intriguing sci(fi) conversations on the platform:

Happy New Year: