📗 The Reef - Community Building Plan

yes! i would like to come

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Great. Works for me!

Do we have all the necessary photo and film equipment for that already?

Yes, we have the equipment. Gazelle who is our video maker will come prepared. She is making 2 small intermediary vids and one final production early December. A site visit is included in her contract.

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Photos from Workshop 24 October are available here, feel free to use them, both @BaobabUrbain for outreach and @matthias for the website.


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@manuelpueyo I checked the interview. I think it could use more in depth information about sharing with others.

Anyway: please have her confirm her presence for the 14th - she can even skip the Signup form we have!
You can also send her the existing stories and video for her to get to know us better

More importantly, you can propose to her to anonymize the story: remove the info of her professional affiliation, and upload it using a pseudonym for her name.


I just talked to her. she confirms she will come on the 14th. however she is not yet ok to publish. Not even with pseudonym. hopefully after that

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she just wrote to me again. she is not coming on the 14 :confused:. she is not very consistent. i am realizing. anyway. in order to finish delivery, i suggest i will create an imaginary profile mixing her story with other data from the workshops. what do you think?

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that works for me, for sure!

I am collecting here everything I have in terms of Content, maybe add?
Then you can remix:


Less Sci-Fi Lab emergency, yes!


We got fresh news.

  1. The site visit will be in a third building. It is located in Ixelles, a house called “la maison solidaire, l’alternatif”. This house is made with housing part + warehouse for activities or to create an atelier. Yes, this is on temporary occupation model but as far as we are it got the advantage of being populated with real human being that are more accessible than the NGO of the industrial building.

So, site visit is next monday 4p.m @rue de l’étĂ©, 109 IXELLES.

  1. If it is more relevant to do the site visit and the sprint to the reef in one and same building then we also have possibility to organize the 28th Nov. workshop at la maison solidaire in Ixelles.

Tell me if it suits you and see u next Monday !

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I am available Monday and hoping at a minimum, Gazelle and @Matthias. I emailed her to ask.

You wrote elsewhere that it’s a house + warehouse approx 5 ppl living inside the house only. Activities in development aiming at sustainable behavioral changes. What kind of changes

@BaobabUrbain let me know what is the name of the person hosting us? I will send an email to all the Reef community so far to let them know, if someone wants to join.

The only thing is that we have to be done by 6PM: we have another event to go to in another project led by Edgeryders, the Economics Sci Fi Seminar:
Le grand dĂ©bat (18h - 20h aux Les Riches-Claires) Cory Doctorow, auteur de science-fiction incontournable, donnera la rĂ©plique Ă  un.e Ă©conomiste renommĂ©.e (annoncĂ© bientĂŽt) autour du sujet de la viabilitĂ© des â€œĂ©conomies fictionnelles”. La confĂ©rence sera Ă©galement accessible en live.
La fĂȘte ! (21h30 - 00h00 Ă  La Tricoterie) Parce que la concentration des Ă©nergies appelle leur libĂ©ration, une scĂšne ouverte/jam session nous entraĂźnera tard dans la nuit. Ramenez votre talent et vos instruments !

Do you mean Monday 11? If so, I will not attend, I said yes to Noemi but that was for lunchtime. With SF-ECON, the afternoon is already allocated for me.

No worries.
My initial idea was to visit one of the spaces that Isabelle identified as not used and which would be good candidate buildings for The Reef, for the purpose of the Co-design exercise. I had proposed noon time. She only made contact with the industrial one and with too short notice to build a relationship and for us to be welcome on a site +filming visit.
The route around is to visit an existing space instead, as a learning visit. It remains to be seen if we can use it as a candidate space for the tech sprint and Co-design workshop 25 and 28 nov, depending on what Matt says as well. It’s all we’ve got at the moment.

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Today, while trying to promote the 14th Nov workshop, I came across several French initiatives that we should contact. However, I don’t have any official quality in the project and an Edgeryders email, so @BaobabUrbain and @noemi, can you please take a look and see if you can write to them?

  1. https://www.habitat-groupe.be/liste-habitats-alternatifs/?r=3&txt=&t=85# A list of alternative eco habitats in Brussels.
  2. Sustainable citizen neighbourhoods in Bxl. Here is the video of the project: https://vimeo.com/64129521 and here is a folder with downloadable info about them: http://quartiersdurablescitoyens.brussels/index.php/page-d-exemple/dynamique-regionale/. It is a project of Bruxelles Environement: https://environnement.brussels/bruxelles-environnement/nous-contacter
  3. Sustainable Brussels seems to be a group of tour guides who focuses on on-foot and bycicle tours of eco innitiatives in Brussels: https://sustainablebrussels.be/about/
    I found some other things related to that, such as eco-creches, bike tours and other tourism things but I didn’t think they help so much.
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much appreciated, thanks! Baobab will have a look, if she hasn’t already contacted some.

Hi all,

Status update: we’ve had about 3 cancellations since we send the email to workshop registrants for 14th November, which leaves us with 10 people outside of our team, provided no other cancellations or no shows.

@BaobabUrbain @manuelpueyo please use today to share the invite and registration form with more people!!

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Here are the texts that can be used in previous events. @BaobabUrbain, can you please look at the French version? My French is far from perfect.

EN (Français en dessous)
Thank you for taking part in this event. Tomorrow, we are having another workshop that you might be interested in. It’s about how to live green when living with others. It will take place from 6 to 9 PM at AlleeduKaai, Avenue du Port 53, Brussels. We will be talking about cooking together, using less plastic, composting, sharing our things and any other idea that would make a more eco-friendly living easier when everybody in the community contributes. Are you in? Please fill in this form and join us: http://bit.ly/WelcomeTheReef

Merci d’avoir participĂ© Ă  cet Ă©vĂ©nement. Demain, nous organisons un autre atelier qui peut t’interreser. Le sujet est Comment activer la transition Ă©cologique depuis nos lieux de vies commun? Ça aura lieu demain, le 14 novembre Ă  18h00 Ă  AlleeDuKaai, avenue du Port 53, Bruxelles. Nous parlerons de prĂ©parer la nourriture ensemble, utiliser moins de plastique, partager nos objets, faire du compost et d’autres idĂ©es vertes qui seront plus faciles Ă  rĂ©aliser. Si ça te parle, le formulaire d’inscription se trouve ici: http://bit.Ly/BienvenueTheReef

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Hello Edgeryders

Ralu thank you so much for joining on board and generating relevant information

Je te remercie d’avoir participĂ© Ă  notre premier atelier de la communautĂ© du Reef. Demain, jeudi 14 novembre, nous organisons le second atelier. Il prolongera la thĂ©matique de l’habitat collectif de demain mais en s’intĂ©ressant plus exactement Ă  la question de l’écologie dans nos lieux. La question que nous nous poserons sera “Comment activer la transition Ă©cologique depuis nos lieux de vies commun?” Ça aura lieu demain, le 14 novembre Ă  18h00 Ă  AlleeDuKaai, avenue du Port 53, Bruxelles. Nous parlerons de prĂ©parer la nourriture ensemble, utiliser moins de plastique, partager nos objets, faire du compost et d’autres idĂ©es Ă©cologiques qui seront plus faciles Ă  rĂ©aliser ensemble que tout seul. Si ça te parle, le formulaire d’inscription se trouve ici: http://bit.Ly/BienvenueTheReef


Hello! @noemi, how did the second workshop go? Were you happy with the number of participants and with the idea generation? I would be very happy to hear about it!
I have a question also: I want to already start promoting the last workshop, but I don’t understand so well what it will entail. So:

  1. Do you have a more detailed description?
  2. I remember seeing in the video some scenes with someone drawing some plans on a paper. Do we also have pictures of that, that I can use?
  3. And last but not least, I think it would be very useful to combine the thank you message for the attendants of the 2nd workshop with the invitation to participate in a 3rd. Will you have a page with what you learned from it, or transform this one? The Reef 2nd Community Workshop : How can we live green, when living with others ? Join in November 14th in Brussels !

I think I will start working on the social media messages for that tomorrow, when I receive the answers and the resources I need. Thank you!

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Hei hei, it went well, we went into serious conversations soon, and people stayed overtime :slight_smile:

This is what we have so far, and we will come up with more detail next week, especially if you think it’s needed:

Only this :smirk:

We will have a new page, @BaobabUrbain is on it! :smiley:

Let me get back to you on Monday, since this is end of a very long week. works?