📗 The Reef - Community Building Plan

This thread is where we coordinate the work of building the 3 community events taking place between October - November. For reference, a full Project Management wiki regarding all the tasks is available here.

Community Building Plan document here:

Next steps 1-10 November


  • Post about 1 building and call to action: Walkshop to visit it ahead of November 14th!
  • Produce 1 Interview about green living
  • Resume communications with key potential dissemination partners: from all those approached:
    • Who has shared the invitation forward?
    • Who signaled personal interest in joining The Reef - as workshop participant, as further collaborator
    • Who needs to meet with me or Alberto personally, because they are strategic partners?


  • Promote the video from Workshop 1 to attract more registrants for Workshop 2

  • Share the existing stories from The Reef Community - See them in Campfire

  • Plan a visit to see a space + Gazelle to film the building and the team

OUTDATED Next steps 1-15 September

  • Brussels outreach to bring participation at the community workshops: everyone!
  • Ask Filip to help with targeted social media advertising
  • Isabelle posts story of 1 building
  • Manuel/ Isabelle/ Noemi work on collecting stories
  • Noemi & Isabelle to visit places and report live/ online

OUTDATED Next steps until end of September

  • Hire video-maker and start making video statements from team and people we meet in Brussels
  • Launch Calendar of events + Invitation + SignUp form
  • Begin the task of identifying 2-3 unused buildings in Brussels (how many sq meters was it?). We don’t need complete information about their status, but we need to convey to the community what The Reef could be. Ideally, we know and can show them when we announce the workshops later in September.
  • Brussels Outreach strategy

OUTDATED Next steps for @BaobabUrbain (with my help) until 12 September:

  • Help improve the document
  • You send me and @Ilaria a photo + bio for team introduction post.
  • Contract signing: when we meet next time
  • We provide you with an edgeryders email address and business cards, as well as an account for live chatting on Matrix. :-))
  • Begin the task of identifying 2-3 unused buildings in Brussels (how many sq meters was it?). We don’t need complete information about their status, but we need to convey to the community what The Reef could be. Ideally, we know and can show them when we announce the workshops later in September.
  • Inquire about a few event venues - availability and pricing.
  • Ask around for a video-maker to help us with videos of The Reefers - starting with me and Alberto, and then with people we meet ahead and during the community workshops.



heads up “reefer” can mean a hasch joint, so better eliminate it from communication at an early stage :))


@BaobabUrbain can I get some feedback please? :smiley:

LOL. So what do we call inhabitants of the Reef?

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mmmhh… got these ideas
*Enreefters (complicated but funny to articulate)
*Corallians (based on coral human beings)

@noemi OK to move this stuff onto a public space? #earthos:the-reef

Hi can I ask everyone to test this SignUp form for the community workshops?
Please answer as thoughtful as you can, that’s the only way to help!
Any feedback welcome.

@BaobabUrbain @alberto @manuelpueyo @ilaria thanks!

Ok, I submitted the test. You’ll find some xyz answers just to see if it works. Here are my feedback:

  1. I would change the first occurrence of “opportunity” with “chance”:

    An opportunity to meet and design with others an opportunity for communal, green, urban living.

  2. I think we always have to use “EIT Climate-KIC”:

    The Reef is an open project which Edgeryders, in partnership with Climate KIC, offer to Brussels.




done! looks great. ping me when you need support on the promo of the workshops.


FYI Save the dates! Calendar for events:

24 October @Lamab or @Smart 18:00 - 21:00
14 November @Allee du Kaai 18:00 - 21:00
28 November @Metrolab 16:00 - 21:00

Thanks Isabelle for helping set them up!
The next steps are to publish them along with invitations to register and start reaching out to people to join. Important: how good outreach we can do depends on what we can show - a website, video pitch, imagery and visuals of what the Reef is, and conveying it as best as we can. hopefully all of that will be in place by early October.

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@BaobabUrbain @manuelpueyo check the tasks above in the wiki and see if we are aligned?

@alberto @ilaria @chantal_vanoeteren @matthias
If you send personal invites to people in your network, please use these kinds of texts (and adapt them to your own style!) :

Call for Participation (EN) | Appel a participation (FR)

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@BaobabUrbain please add your notes from Thursday in the post below.
After that, share the link on the facebook events (Workshop 1 and on the page of the upcoming workshop on 14 November!), thanking everyone for attending and inviting them to add their reflections in a comment on our community platform.

As we discussed previously, this needs to be done today! I want to reach out to everyone personally, but can’t unless the content is there… :frowning: This can’t wait.

PS I can’t access Riot momentarily, so that;s why I wrote here.

check :slight_smile:

hey hey @Noemi, for the second story. I said I would deliver today. Unfortunately Marie Ange just called me, we talked for 1 h. she wants to wait till mid november. she is a bit hesitant . she wants to know more about The Reef before publishing [her story] and continue working on it(https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bTyqGHfyO__h8O9i1XVg2AEM2hOCOdgMEh41plZnkOo/edit?usp=sharing) (not finished yet)
We need to talk on how i can advance now since this project is on a halt.

Bummer… I am not sure, what do you propose? I am more than happy to meet her, or we could invite her to a co-work day? Mid Nov is ok during the circumstances, but not later.
We are expecting 1 story from @BaobabUrbain, but I don’t know when? For her, it is not an official deliverable though.

I am not sure since it does not depend on me anymore. I invited her to the community event 14 nov. Maybe after that we can continue the work. But i will keep in touch with her next week to see if she changes her view

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@BaobabUrbain @manuelpueyo @matthias:

I added the next steps up in the wiki. Please have a look and add your own, if anything.

Are you available on November 11th noon time to go visit a space that Isabelle identified as a candidate building?
We want to go and film it + our statements about the project. The materials will be part of the final workshops - the tech sprint on 25th Nov and workshop on 28th, and part of the final video production.

Isabelle: we need to get permission to film in the space - do you think it is possible?

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