The Reef: state-of-play

When we met with Mark two weeks ago, I promised to make a summary of where we are at with The Reef. Given that this is something that may be interesting for many people, I am opting to do it online. Here we go …

1. “Le programme”

  • The vision of how we picture The Reef is described in a document that we call the Blueprint 1.0.

  • This includes the criteria for the site that we are looking for, which can be found in slide 19 of the slide deck that we use to present our project.

  • As for the built surface, we did a survey among the Full Members, but we concluded that the sum of all the units is not enough yet. More importantly, from the financial estimate (internal link) that we received from the architects, we learned that if we go below 2700 m² (or something like that), the price of the square meter will go up, which we can’t afford. So in a way that completes our “programme”.

2. Things we have achieved so far

  • A lot of what we have done over the past year does not have tangible results, because we invested a lot in training, practicing decision-making and setting up our recruitment process.

  • An overview of the decisions we have taken so far can be found in our “decision log”, which is publicly accessible.

  • The minutes of our plenary meetings can be found in the Team Reef folder (internal link to the 2023 document).

  • A copy of our Onboarding Manual is also available online. This includes links to all the manuals that we have created, or more practical things, like the post on how to calculate the size and price of your unit.

  • Other than that the most important posts can be found by clicking on the “reef-important-information” tag.

3. Things we are working on right now

  • We are scouting at full speed and will soon start to launch of the feasibility studies.

  • The other big thing that is keeping us busy right now are the statutes of the société simple (internal link). We are trying to get our heads around what it all means, and how we can get ourselves organised in the most efficient way.

PS: Retrieving the “reef-important-information” tag

You can find the tag at the top of the forum, beneath the starfish, on the left of “latest”.