The Restart Project in Matera

Thanks to @janetgunter's response to our call for collaborators, unMonastery hosted two volunteers from The Restart Project, Luca Fiore Tarable and Andrea Vero!

Luca and Andrea came to Matera to hold workshops based on the “love your laptop” idea, helping participants to repair their laptops and old electronics and fight planned obsolescence. They focused on restoring hardware and software issues, from antivirus protection to installing Linux. A full outline of the workshops can be found on the unMonastery blog (in Italian). On their third day in Matera, they planned a Restart Party, a gathering where volunteers offer free repairs and advice on restoring your electronics to working order. You can get tips on how to run your own Restart Party—in community centers, libraries, or other spaces—here!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t present in Matera during these events, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share Andrea and Luca’s brilliant stories and records from their days at unMonastery, as well as the interview from @NicoBis and crew on collaborations with Restart, CoderDojo Matera, and unMonastery:

Big thanks again to all involved organizing the event, Andrea, Luca, Ugo Vallauri, and Janet from Restart and everyone at unMonastery—looking forward to talking about how initiatives like The Restart Project, CoderDojo, and unMonastery can keep working together.


Kudos to the Restart team

Hi guys, this looks like great collaboration, thanks for sharing. How long does it take for someone to learn how to fix their most common gadgets eg phone, laptop, maybe a music player? Is it something you learn for the longer run if you attend a workshop like this or do you back it up for further documentation so people can continue to learn and in time be able to fix their stuff by themselves?

I see @Luca Fiore Tarable and @pismoinside are already on Edgeryders, so welcome in!

Wow, great stuff

Thank you so much for the heads up, @Kei. Andrea and Luca’s posts are really enjoyable, and so is the video. @janetgunter, let’s stay close here, this is great stuff! Are you or Ugo coming to Matera for LOTE4?

Restart Round 2?

And maybe @Luca Fiore Tarable and @pismoinside would be interested in coming to LOTE4 for another Restart session? :slight_smile: