The Value of Everything

Hi, since @markomanka mentioned the economist and theorist of public value Mariana Mazzucato (her site features many of her research publications) but does not like white pages, maybe start here - a review of her most recent book, The Value of Everything, including audio of her 2018 LSE Lecture “The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy”, and a 2018 policy report meant to “nurture a new belief amongst EU citizens about what real collaboration across Europe can achieve” published by the EU. @alberto - while I think of writing posts as part of my research, I just now became aware of the open notebook science approach…thx for maintaining such a comprehensive record of past exchanges, this is incredibly generous.


I read The Value of Everything with great interest, and am, in fact, a big fan of Mazzucato since The Entrepreneurial State. She is one of a small, but important group of economists that can restore economics as a relevant discipline in the next ten years (see).

Value theory, and the woman herself, keep resurfacing in the Internet of Humans discussion (like here and here. She is also an inspiration for the #research-network:economic-sci-fi seminar, elsewhere in Edgeryders.

I will now read the policy report, you already recommended it twice, so it must be good. And yes, do open notebook science, it’s good for the soul and for replicability.

Thx for the overview of Mazzucato et al. Amazingly useful, as I have been trying to come to terms with discussions of “design for emergence” some of the colleagues over at ouishare and now the Salus Coop have been involved in. Browsing your archive, I was wondering what had happened to the data coop discussions, btw, will try to find out more about Open Care though.

One thing came to mind reading “If you think that you are a steam boat and you can go up the river, you are kidding yourself.” - Werner Herzog’s drama Fitzcarraldo. They didn’t just think they could go up the river. They took the 320-ton steamboat up a mountain. A tragedy, a thought experiment gone awry so badly the local indigenous population burned down the film set. Herzog later said the central scene (pulling the ship over the mountain) was a key metaphor - he just didn’t know for what…


@commonfutures was very active in the UK on the datacoop front a while ago. Is now working on something to do with NHS/British healthcare reform I think?

@soenke thank you very much. Great to take the initiative to add information and discussion to a topic growing from another discussion. Very much appreciated.

Thanks – I published a couple of years ago in reference to data coops in healthcare. More recently, I have endeavoured to build on this work with

The ultimate aim, now, is to explore the potential of a UK Sovereign Health Fund – my recent presentation on the topic is one of the x3 here:

Annemarie @commonfutrs


Hi Annemarie, thx much for sharing this, finally got through your publications. We will look at question of cooperative data governance with colleagues from Salus Coop and others to better understand where this discusson is in practical terms, so this is extremely helpful.

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