Things done by large organizations that we have to deal with and can’t avoid, and some better alternatives to things that drive us crazy: Discussion in Egypt

@2mavin @labanita @dina (please add names if I missed anyone) came up with a beautiful future newspaper article about a successful alternative education system in Egypt.

@labanita has been involved in many initiatives for improving the Egyptian education system. During their discussion they determined that Egypt has a non-functional schooling system and people have been coming up with alternative solutions.

The underlying cause is a lack of access to adequate school and there isn’t enough space for children to go to public school; which is very sad and depressing, because even those that want to learn are prevented from the opportunity.

In Egypt, children in middle school can’t even read and write because the quality of education is so poor and eventually they just drop out.

@ericzoetmulder had a positive outlook which is that there is an appetite for learning and there’s hope but we don’t take notice of it. This is because sometimes street children that are left with nothing, are seen writing in their notebooks – a glimpse of hope!

It is very important for @labanita that people begin taking action instead of continuously complaining – this is something really frustrating for her. Therefore, they were inspired by a woman (that really exists) Suzy, who decided to attempt to solve the issue of school shortages and went directly to the ministry of education and they were welcoming of her ideas; and now she’s writing a proposal to help solve the problem!!

@2mavin@labanita and @dina proposed that parents, teachers, and individuals take initiative and start fixing the problem for themselves by using informal/unused spaces to educate children instead of relying on the schooling-system. You can read about it here.

This could be implemented on the ground, and it is already happening…maybe @labanita you can elaborate on Suzy’s story?

@2mavin also wrote about the main challenges in Egyptian education here 

What do you guys think about alternative modes of education? Any ideas or success stories?

Teachers in Egypt need Teaching :slight_smile:

Teachers in Egypt especially young teachers have a problem , they learned under the same education system that they are working with now . may be some of them worked hard to improve them selves  but the majority aren’t , as they have other targets like money for better life. so I can see that the Idea of new schools  that @labanita  proposed needs good educated teachers so may be she should first offer some  training courses for young teachers to learn them how to deal with students at every level , and let them have good knowledge of what they will learn their students . 

as a student we make great efforts to be well educated here at Egypt , that refers to the system and also the teachers or Lecturers . 

so I suggest that @labanita and her team may make a tour around existing schools and offer a training course ( or workshops ) for teachers that may be for one month or less , talking with them about developing their school and upgrading their students minds .

Wasnt there a guy in the workshop who changed a law?

Does anyone remember who it was? I would love to hear more about the law and how he went about getting it changed.

yes there was

His name is @mostafahemdan , he changed parts of the exportation law in Egypt, I believe!

really !!

really how did that happen , I wanna know the story :slight_smile:

I always thought that rules in Egypt never change …

and just  I want to say thank u @2marvin for this quote “there is an appetite for learning and there’s hope but we don’t take notice of it”  I need to be reminded each now and then that there is always hope