Time for a 2 hour minisite & campaign site debugging call

Hi @owen @noemi @inge It’s probably time to set a time for a longer video chat to go through point by point what needs to be fixed in the communication sites for Wellbeing. Set date and time amongst you two and let the rest of us know?

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If you’re up for it @owen @inge, we can meet Tuesday earlier - before the Communication/Curation call?

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I have also IOH call after that, so a bit crazy. Monday afternoon?

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Yes, also 16:30 PM Brussels time?

Monday afternoon I’m quite busy with moving - I can do Tuesday or Wednesday no problem.

Wednesday 16:30 brussel time?


Yes. It’s a bit late, was hoping to roll it out already, but anyway I’ll keep adding to the fixes and we can meet just for final touches.

@owen can you make it? Also @anon82932460 want to join?


Works for me!

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Perfect. Lets use the POPREBEL zoom:

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Works for me

List of all things unclear, to discuss from my end -

  1. What is the final copy? Translations of basic text for the site - #40 by inge

  2. Latest Feedback/Translations:

  1. How to highlight Call for Local connectors + Call for stories?
    Can we include a pop up on landing with at least a banner? https://edgeryders.eu/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b71332ea1d92e473a4fb8242c0e3fbd890732ced.png

@anon82932460 sorry, there was already a link for zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom
I’m there with Owen already, @noemi joining too?

I’m there, but I don’t see you…

Just got pulled out of the room I was in… do you have a meeting id number?

This is my understanding of what we discussed and agreed on. Please correct and add @inge @anon82932460 @owen .

The Wellbeing site is a quick overview of the project for newcomers. It uses design framework which will make it possible to connect to other sites. It has a lot of meta information and we all agree it misses a call to action, or a way to get a feel of what exactly is this community.

Actionables. Who does what ?

  • Final basic copy for the site (Inge); gets translated by community managers. This copy is not the one and only, we think of it as copy to be tested and changed should we find it doesn’t work.

  • Produce a page description of Edgeryders and past projects in specific countries; website will then use it/ link to it (Inge)

  • The explicit calls to action on this website are the calls from the online forum, and not a separate page; ie For the Festival we will have another site. So it just needs to pick up a platform topic that will be shown more prominently (Noemi to tag them)

  • Make a list of best stories which speak of PEOPLE: who is already part of this communtiy, whom newcomers can meet and connect with? (Noemi):
    'this is what other people say, do you have your experience? ‘tell us about the place you are in: we’re curious about the Czech Republic’

  • Create shareable and actionable items that require users to sign up (Filip/Owen)

Can we do this by Monday please?


Ok for my part

Thanks, @noemi! Very helpful!

Final copy for the site:

(@owen and @noemi please check my question, thanks!)

Will work on about pages coming days

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Thank you Inge. I added it in a new thread with final changes- which will go to translations as soon as possible.

I also added some texts for the featured content - it remains to be seen how Owen uses them. I wouldn’t bother you with the copy right now, if you work on About ER that’s already great!

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