Today's Call: My Internet Is Broken

Unfortunately, one of my crazy pups decided to run into our router — breaking the fiberoptic cable. I’m on mobile internet now, but it’s horrible for calls where I live (that’s up on a mountain in the woods).

I wont be able to join the content curation call, @anon82932460, so perhaps you can lead?

My internet should be restored tomorrow, when the service provider comes by with a funky little box to fix it.

pinging: @alberto @marina @noemi @nadia @natalia_skoczylas @Jan @amelia @matthias @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @Richard @johncoate @hugi @MariaEuler @amelia @matthias @katjab @RobvanKranenburg @Heshanij @mirkopresser @ilaria



Nom nom nom nom. Don’t worry, you have backup.

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Ok! to all tagged, we’ll do call at 16:00 Brussels time. Join via: Launch Meeting - Zoom


As no-one is joining. Switching off! :slight_smile:

I was about to join now…sorry

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OK, for all those that couldn’t join, main point is:


Let @inge know if there is anything she needs to edit
Let @fsimonov (me) know if anything needs a social push

If there are some developments that we need to be aware off, RIOTit up to us! :slight_smile:


Any content that needs to be pushed out, add it to the schedule document

Anyone who can (who already didn’t!), share the Matthias article. Don’t know how to share it? The proposed idea is in todays countonme post!


Anything that needs a social push, message me and/or add to schedule doc.

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