Training for Field Ethnographers

Hi @jitka.kralova, @Maniamana, and @Djan!

Now that we have clarity on our plans going forward from our pilot study, thanks to great input from the three of you and our conversation on Friday, I think it would be good to have a longer training session to introduce you all to the following:

First Half (1.5 hours):

  1. Coding Process - what the ethnographic coders have been doing so far and will continue to do in the future with the ethno data you bring to the platform.
  2. SSNA: Graphryder and Tulip visualisation (from your question @jitka.kralova, I will teach you how to navigate GraphRyder, which is easier than the Tulip software that Alberto introduced you to. It’s a good first step).
  3. Existing Platform and Team/Project Dynamics - basically, how everything has operated so far, so you feel like you have a good sense of what you’re coming in to. This third section will be much more open to your questions – what you feel you don’t know and need to know to get started.

Second Half (1.5 hours)

  1. Platform Uses - Let’s work together to develop a process for your work. I can show you different functionalities of the platform (what we went over in brief last week) and we can decide together how to structure your platform “space” so your project work is organised in a way that makes sense to you. I have a few ideas but am very open to yours as well.
  2. Platform Organisation - moving into this second phase of the project, how do we want to re-arrange the existing material to make the work clearer and easier for you (and more accessible for those who come on the platform from here on out).

I suggest we do this Monday 22nd February 9am-12pm (so 10-1 CET). Does this work for you three? If not, I can make any morning slot next week but Tuesday work, so let me know.

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thanks Amelia, unfortunately Monday is not great for me. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday?

I can’t do Tuesday (the only morning next week not free), but Wednesday works.
@Maniamana, @jitka.kralova, would Wed work for you?

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Yes, Wednesday morning works for me as well.


Wed morning works for me too!

Wednesday it is! Putting it in the calendar post :slight_smile: