Upcoming Events Calendar

Hey @rebelethno! Since there are so many of us now, I think our existing threads are going to be hard to navigate soon. I’m thinking through ways of breaking them up. For now, if you have a new topic to discuss, don’t be shy about creating a new topic rather than posting under an existing one. For example, I suggest we use this as a “wiki” (so edit the post itself rather than commenting) to add any upcoming events we might all want to attend – this includes general POPREBEL consortium events, external events on populism, our own internal events that we plan, and any meetings.


Thursday February 18th to Friday February 19th - Tri-Lateral Conference on Populism

Friday February 19th - Tell Form Introduction

Recording here: Tell Form Tutorial on Vimeo
(amusingly, file was too big to upload, so I just put it on Vimeo – so much for our test!)
@Richard @Maniamana

Wednesday 24th February - Training for Field Ethnographers

  • Comprehensive training for our new field ethnographers! Agenda here.