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Are you coming to Futurespotters International event in Tbilisi, 24-26 June?

This is a wiki document (anyone can edit) where we’re sharing travel information once we have booked, or ask questions when in doubt. [Inge] and [Khatuna] are our hosts, but if you’re also in Tbilisi don’t hesitate to offer help or advice!

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Vahagn Vardumyan Lisbon-Tbilisi flight 23 / 06 / 2014 I will need a place to stay in Tbilisi overnight, the night of 23 to 24 June. For the travel reimbursement - I'd like to receive at least the amount that could cover the Yerevan-Tbilisi-Yerevan trip. I told earlier that I will be coming from Europe.
Noemi Salantiu Cluj-Munchen-Tbilisi 23/06 - 29/06 Arriving on the 24th at 3am, leaving on 29th at 4am.
Alberto Cottica Bologna - Istanbul-Tbilisi - Bruxelles 24th. return 29th.  I need this flight to get to Tbilisi (arrives at 3 am of 25th, but what the hell). Fly back with the same flight as Nadia.
Sam Muirhead Berlin-Istanbul -Tbilisi, Tbilisi-Istanbul-Barcelona 22/06-28/06 arrive 2.50am on the 23rd, leave 4.40am on the 28th. Ah, Tbilisi airport, such convenient flight schedules.

Reaching Tbilisi (help fill this in to be as accurate as possible!):

By train & car

Especially suited if you’re coming from Armenia, the cheapest option is the night train (or bus?) Consider ridesharing to lower the individual costs, anyone up for coordinating a group?

By plane

If you’re coming from Europe or Egypt, the easiest is to fly via Istanbul and catch a connection flight. Plan ahead and check visa rules here (Egyptians especially), if you need one get in touch asap!

Cabs from/to Tbilisi airport

A cab to Tbilisi centre should cost you no more than 10-15 Eur (approx. 25 Lari). Standard rates are listed on a board by the taxi rank as you exit the airport, on the right hand side. Here’s a list of cab services and phone numbers for visa USA. You would be able to catch a cab for as low as 15  GEL, especially to the airport. If you want to call a cheaper cab, this is also possible:

  • Pink Taxi +99559600009 (20 lari)
  • 3 lari taxi +995322450505 (15 lari)
  • 3 lari taxi +995322911414 (15 lari)

An airport shuttle service from the airport operates 24 hours a day, costs 8 lari, and stops at Freedom Square, Heroes Square, and 26 May Square. (I, Inge, actually have never heard of this service, is this new? @Khatuna, do you know?)

Bus #37 leaves from the right corner of the arrival area every 15-30 minutes, between 7:00 and 20:00 and then every hour until 23:00 to the city center. It travels via Avlabari, Freedom Square, Rustaveli, Republic Square and Tamar Bridge, to the main train station (Vagzal). The trip can take over 50 minutes. The fare is 0.50 GEL. Make sure you have exact change since the bus only takes coins and the driver does not carry money (purchase something in the arrival hall before getting on the bus…ATMs will dispense a minimum of 5 GEL). (source) However, you can also get a public Transportation card and put any amount on it which you prefer. This might be easier if you are coming from the airport.

flights to tbilisi

Oh yes, @Alberto (and others), this is a common ‘issue’: most flights, especially the cheaper ones, arrive at night. The only ones that arrive during the day are Turkish Airlines…

Also, looking into flying on Kutaisi is a possibility (Wizz Air) as it is 2 hours away from Tbilisi and they have standard transport between Kutaisi and Tbilisi at all times.

Traveling from Yerevan by bus

Hi all,

Me and other 2 participants from Yerevan ( @Lilit @Zhanna ) will get to Tbilisi by bus.

Looking forward for the information about financial assistance.



anyone flying Turkish airlines 23/24 June?

Hello. I’ll be leaving Cairo Monday evening, landing in Istanbul around midnight, then connection to Tbilisi on 24 June at 7am.

Looking for coffee/beer companion :slight_smile: and someone to join on a cab to Nest hostel (arriving Tbilisi around 4am)


Uli in Cairo