TREASURE tasks and deliverables

@Nica, thank you for your instructions - when would be the deadline for this?

Would it be possible to do it by the end of this week?

Hi @Nica, the end of this week should be feasible!

@alberto I think I got it now…I noticed that I can click directly on the excerpt of the quote…Apologies for the mislead…

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@Nica, please find attached the quotes with the corresponding links. As I have to economize my time (and work hours), I will also send you a word document with the quotes in German.
Please let me know if you need any further explanations/clarifications.

Sustainability at the micro-macro level: Discourse about behaviours and effects on a small and large scale and their (possible) relationship to each other.

Electronics as a contested a means to an end: Approach to the development of electronics in/of cars and the question to what extent electronics can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, or how many questions go hand in hand with this development.

Fragmented agency: One’s own ability to act in connection with political decisions is questioned or emphasized.

Constrained visibility of knowledge and politics: The communication and transparency of political decisions, processes and economic interests regarding the automotive industry and its marketing is the subject of controversial debate.

The circularity of resources and recycling: To what extent objects are recycled and transformed under given circumstances and for sustainable, economic and political reasons.

Under-recognition/esotericism of “The Circular Economy” (could be a question/answer, where Jos has to explain what it is, or the interviewee says they are not sure what it is – I imagine there were a number of exchanges like that where you coded the interviews with “the circular economy code”?)

Tension between structure and agency (I can pull ones from the Ulm/Technorama ones myself, so from any of the others)

Comparison as sense-making/meaning-making “engine” (how we discussed it and @alberto articulated it in this thread)

A few “conditionality” codes that suggest/illustrate actionable conditions that might lead to people being more willing to practice circular economy and more sustainable behaviors.

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