Trust in Play, European School for Urban game designers

We are creating a new generation of urban game designers who navigate the world, produce new games and reach economic sustainability. Our hypothesis is that urban games have the power to generate trust through play in public space and we want more of that happening in our cities.

Running in 2019-2020, the project trains designers from different countries (Greece, the Netherlands, and mobile!). Plus there will be design activities, playtesting of the different games and an Urban games festival in Berlin.

Edgeryders has four partners in this Creative Europe funded project:

  1. the Leader of the project is Goethe Institute Athens (, part of the team are Iris Asimakopoulou and Maria Saridaki (who just did another EU creative project).
  2. the second partner is also from Athens and is called Innovathens (, from their site “The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens”, so they are both a space and a community
  3. the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (, with Gabriele Ferri a italian researcher active in the field of pervasive and urban games, (in the past we tried to collaborate on CriticalCity, our first project) and Martijn de Waal
  4. Sebastian Quack from Invisible Playground ( ) one of the most consistent european urban game designer from Berlin that participate under the Kulturkontakte partnership.

Learn more and join the project at!

I’m curious to learn more about this. I’m looking for ways to develop Makuma connection games into a more personalised, deep, fun experience. Our games are designed to be introvert-friendly, which is harder to achieve in a public space, but I’d be interested to find ways to do it.

Hei, check out
The recruitment is open until mid May… And we can tell you more about it when we meet this week.


For all the culture squad-ers interested in urban games, there’s a webinar happening today in the afternoon at 17:00 cest.

Invitation and registration link here:

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