Culture for Transformation

We connect and equip artists, producers, as well as researchers to experiment uses of culture as a tool for social change, and digital technology as a way to accelerate it.

  • School for Urban Game Designers. Trust in play is creating a new generation of urban game designers who navigate the world, produce new games and reach economic sustainability. (More)
  • Technology for co-creation . Build experimental software and methodology for decentralized organizations and co-created culture, starting with Edgeryders Nordics team. Client: Swedish Innovation Support Agency - Vinnova. (More )
  • European Capitals of Culture . Advising candidate cities to the title of European Capitals of Culture, and deploying projects to strengthen their bids. Clients so far: Matera, Italy (winner 2019); Galway, Ireland (winner 2020); and Bucharest, Romania (shortlisted 2021). (More)
  • CultureCulture. A series of local events connecting local artists and cultural workers hosted in different locations by members of our international community. (More)


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I would rather use the Plato project here, funded by Vinnova. So use “Funder - Vinnova” and point to the Plato project thread.

feel free to change whatever you like. i just added the content as a stub