Trust in Play - October update

A quick update about Trust in Play a Creative Europe that we won at the beginning of June.

I thought that is correct to have the discussion here inside the Culture Squad category until we don’t open a Trust in Play category (see below)

Last week we have the first Skype call, a check-in moment, not really an operative call yet.
So I will take the opportunity to outline the project if you don’t have time.

The project is called:

Trust in Play, European School for Urban game designer, it was once called Cities of Play so there is some confusion in the previous post about that.

The goal of the project is to create a core of Urban Game Designer that could navigate the world, produce new game and reach an economic sustainability, the bottom assumption is that urban games have the power to generate trust through play in public space and this is good, we love that and we want more of that happening in our cities.

The activities will be mainly training of 4 selected team of (max 3) junior designer from 4 different EU countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and the Nederland).
Plus there will be design activities, playtest of the different games and a Urban games festival in Berlin.

We have four partners:

  1. the Leader of the project is Goethe Institute Athens (Goethe-Institut Griechenland | Athen), part of the team are Iris Asimakopoulou and Maria Saridaki (who just did another EU creative project).

  2. the second partner is also from Athens and is called Innovathens (, from their site “The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens”, so they are both a space and a community

  3. the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (, with Gabriele Ferri a italian researcher active in the field of pervasive and urban games, (in the past we tried to collaborate on CriticalCity, our first project) and Martijn de Waal

  4. Sebastian Quack from Invisible Playground (invisible playground) one of the most consistent european urban game designer from Berlin that participate under the Kulturkontakte partnership.

And then we have partnership with the cities that we will host workshops and where we will look primary (but not exclusively) for our Game designer teams: Amsterdam, Matera, Plovdiv and Athens.

On our side we are responsible to the activities in Italy and Bulgaria and to implement a white label versione of ER platform where all the activities will take place.
I think that the platform has a big potential in this specific project also as a repository for the training materials.

In term of budget we have to secure 40% of our budget.
We already talked with Matera and Plovdiv and they were positive about that, I’m also working here at MICA (the University where I’m working) because maybe we can have an economical support if we decide to have a small team of designer/volunteers from here too.

The activities (and the budget) it’s mostly to project leadership activities and community management and right now me and Noemi are active on this, but there will be space down the year to enlarge the team.

Next call will be next week and the activities will start officially the first week of January with a partner meeting at the Berlin Goethe Institute headquarter.

A final personal note: I’m so happy that this application went well and really excited to work with you all on a European level!


Thanks @matteo_uguzzoni.

When do you think it would be good to have a public post on the blog announcing this and inviting people to get involved, preliminary? Just after the new project space is up?

PS let’s make sure to use Riot for coordination? I invited you to a project room, and needing your input re: platform :smiley:

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Congrats! You guys rock.

Who is “we”? The partnerships? Edgeryders? Does each partner need to secure 40% of its own share of the budget?

I ask because, if ER needs to go hunt for money, it’s a great excuse to go interact with possible new clients. Maybe other people in the company can help.

Great work Matteo. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Hopefully i can participate in some way down the line. (assuming schedules and budgets allow!)
Hope you’re having fun in USA.


@alberto yes we is Edgeryders, our share is 60k so we have to find 24k to deliver all the activities.

Matera and Plovdiv are aware that their participation is based on a contribution to the project (but we have to double check this and sign another contract).

I think that after our next meeting I will have a clearer picture of the funding that we have to find and then we can decide together a strategy.

@alex_levene thanks for you reply and your opening for participation! Yes, I’m having fun here, working and learning also a lot ;))