Trust in Play - The Federated Discourse site

Together with @matthias we are starting the development of a Federated Discourse sites for the project Trust in Play (more info about the project here and here.

The goal is to create something similar to the Biofabrication forum but with a different topic.

The forum will be the directory for all the content of the project, the main use of the platform will be:

  • develop the design and production of 4 urban games remotely (posts / discussions)
  • share content from the live-workshops and live events that we will host during the project (videos embed / posts)
  • invite external contributor to share their practice (posts)
  • organize the final events (posts / discussions)
  • host internal communication between the partners of the project (private group)

So in term of development we come under the Federated Discourse site as presented here (chapter 1).

What is now needed from @matthias in order to start the work is:

  1. the domain or subdomain where the software should be deployed
  2. who manages that domain (I’ll need to tell them how to configure it)
  3. who should get admin roles (allows to block spam users etc., also to make changes to the look & feel, though it’s safer to leave that to us)
  4. any look & feel specs you have … the important part is to start from a default Discourse theme, while supplying a logo, color scheme etc. to change that
  5. initial category structure

I will start answering some of this topic but tagging also @sebquack, @mariaS and @noemi to fill the gaps.


Question 3) For sure me and @noemi will be admin together with @sebquack (waiting for Maria to register on ER)

Question 5) Categories:

  • Introduction and social
  • Guides and manuals
  • Athens workshop
  • Operative (private)

Looking good! Should one of us start looking into themes?

Hm, about the Athens workshop category- do we want to signal it as such? it might mean that we draw any lines to stop people from being part of it because of geography or physical presence? On the contrary - the Athens workshop should be drawing as much attention as possible. In my experience it’s more likely if we put it in a normal category. Maybe “Meetups and workshops” or something that will include the other events too. It would me more social… my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Yes, Noemi, of course this makes a lot of sense!!
You are the expert here so, please jump in!

Welcoming @GotheInstitutAthen and @MariaS :slight_smile: looking forward to kick off in January!

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Alright @matteo_uguzzoni and @noemi … as we’re getting close to having the site online, we need to know what domain to put it on? If you haven’t registered a domain yet, just let me know which one you want and I’ll register it with our DNS hoster, at no additional cost. (You can have it transferred to your own DNS hoster any time, of course.)

If I don’t hear from you over the weekend, we’ll put the site on and change that once you decided.

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Thanks @matthias we didn’t manage to have the conversation about that with the partners yet, so fell free to proceed as you mentioned.

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Well then, your federated Discourse site is available here for having a look (and finishing it together):

All the basics incl. the federation (i.e. login shared with are working, but a lot of small tasks on the design and settings remain. For that, the first step is that everyone who shall become admin on the new website (for now @noemi @matteo_uguzzoni @sebquack @MariaS) should please log in on for the first time, using their account.

(This login process involves being forwarded to and back to … please don’t be confused :smiley: We’ll explain it to users in the right place soon … .)

When I see you logged in for the first time, I can give you the admin rights. At which point you have full control over your new website – which also means, please be careful and change only settings you understand :slight_smile:

And then we take it from there together: design adaptations, category colors and descriptions, settings and maybe additional features.

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Hi everyone and big thanks for setting up the discourse instance!

I’ve logged in without problems and will have a look around. Haven’t used discourse before and excited to try it out. @matthias can you see me there? - would be cool if you could make me admin on the instance.


thank you @noemi :slight_smile: we are all super excited!

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@noemi Regarding design/theming/wording I suggest to work on it in the context of developing the overall identity/modus operandi of the school, which will be a big topic at the kick off in Jan. Suggestions are of course welcome!


Hi @matthias, thank you for making everything happen!
Logged in and keeping my fingers away from the keyboard until further notice :wink:

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Yep, same for mee!! thanks Matt, looking promising!

@noemi @matteo_uguzzoni @sebquack @MariaS you’re all moderators now, and Noemi is also admin already. The others will be admin by tomorrow I hope … there’s a slight hickup that we have to sort out that does not allow me to configure this normally right now.

But moderators can already do everything (incl. creating categories), just not modify configuration settings.

You can have a look at our (self developed) Discourse Administration Manual to get started with your new Discourse site, but of course I’m up for giving you an in-depth introduction via screen sharing in a video call. (If you want that, just give me a Doodle to coordinate a suitable time for everyone.)


How cool is this? Also, welcome @marias and @sebquack :slight_smile:


I agree, the more it is a collaborative work the better, and also it’s good for me to start working on this project officially in January and less before, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

That also leaves us with some time to think about how to approach it, familiarize ourselves with the forum, and become super admins :slight_smile:

Another notification for @matteo_uguzzoni @sebquack @MariaS: now you’re all admins on the Trust in Play website.

The website does not send out e-mails at the moment, and we’re fixing that (give it 1-3 days). Otherwise, everything works right now and until you tell me it doesn’t, at which point we’ll spring into action of course.

So for the moment, I’ll leave you all with this new Discourse site to explore and adapt, until you tell me that you’re ready to proceed with something that needs my assistance: adapting the design in January, or the video call intro to Discourse administration, or what else you might have.

Edit: You’re probably interested in getting Google Analytics data right from the start, so please let me know the necessary details or enter them yourself here, or share the Google Analytics property with my Google Account so I can set it up and test it for you.

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