Tuesdays at 16:30 CET: Weekly team call where we collaboratively select and curate content for effective communication

Would be kinda hard for me to make it today. Do you need me a lot or is it ok if I am back from the next one?

You need to update the team i guess, about what is happening in Germany/big on the national newsstream this week. Also links to conversations or posts, including your own. Maybe as acomment here?

I’m here and ready to go

So, we should have our content curation call in 45 minutes - @nadia were talking last week and we think we should/could bring it down to once a month. I am available for a call today, but let me know if you all want to proceed or if we should schedule for in a few weeks @noemi @johncoate @hugi @MariaEuler @Jirka_Kocian @natalia_skoczylas @Richard @anon82932460 and others

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I can go either way depending on what’s needed.

I am here, so let me know if it s happening, otherwise, anything you need, we can talk through on the platform.

I won’t be able to make it this week. I’m on a train coming back from Oxford. R

Same here, can’t make it, but have sent things and following the reporting on whats coming out of the social media choice content… Thats what interests me the most.

+1 for 1 call a month.


Looks like we can pass on today. Is Nadia still at the EC meeting?


ok, will be in touch to plan next meeting - and yes, do add to the spreadsheet, @anon82932460 uses it to source stories for social :slight_smile:


Hey, so sorry! We got hijacked in the mother of all meetings. Im available from tomorrow on whenever

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Dear all. Sorry. Having technical issues. Zoom says my ‘host is in another meeting’. Is our meeting under way?

Dear all. On an interview panel all day, so will have to miss today’s meeting. Sorry.

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Sorry that I did not answer, but I was out with a 3 day migraine. Tuesday somehow vanished.