Turning viewers of edgeryders posts into commentators

Hey all

Here’s a PPT of a few ideas on how we can turn people who are viewing Edgeryders content into subscribers/commentators.

Inside this PPT you’ll find two ideas:

  1. Quick reply option that appears to people (with 3 options on who can see it, here we can do a combination or just one of the options)
  2. Re-work of a footer text to be more simplified and inviting to people to register.

Looking forward to ideas on improving and implementing these as I think that this could drive better engagement and more subscribers.

viewers_into_comment.pdf (546.6 KB)

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I read it, but am not qualified to have an opinion.


The text in the general description is easily modifiable, at least the English version. Then we have to again get it translated.

About the replies prompts in pp. 3-6:
• Option 2. Adding quick responses option next to reply (visible only to those that register and haven’t posted anything, once they do, quick option dissapears)

@Matthias would have to modify them, but maybe that’s not a bit effort. I think it’s worth the try, but only if in the different languages.

FInally, implementing the footer seems like it’s not in line with how we work - we dont want people chasing money only, or using money as front page bait… Anyone else agrees/disagrees?
„ Hi! It looks like you’re enjoying this discussion. Why don’t you register (takes less
than 1 minute), give your opinion and if you’re really active, earn 200€? Click here to register.”

There is a plugin for Discourse called Canned Replies that could be used. It may need some modifications, as it seems the plugin is only accessible to moderator and admin users the way it is now. However, its new user interface that can be used from the editor’s preview pane (second screenshot here) is implemented already, so from that point it’s a match.

I don’t support letting anonymous users post something on Discourse, though. We would have zero spam protection, and it would break our data model that we have for analysis in Graphryder etc. Instead, ideas are welcome how to make signup to Discourse simpler and more enjoyable. Right now we’re discussing this in the context of a tool @natalia_skoczylas wants for a Biennale exhibition.

The proposal to also place it into the header instead should be relatively simple to implement. Makes sense to me.

About mentioning monetary rewards there, I’m with @noemi.


For all proposed changes, let me know when you and your team have decided what you want implemented. The developers won’t be active before that :slight_smile:

For annon posts, idea was that visitors see ideas for posting, BUT, once they click, it says register. Wasn’t thinking to give them the option to post.

Regarding text for footer, yeah, should be reworked not to put monetary prize in first place.

text is too long and too many questions. It’s still not clear why I should spend my time on sharing something personal. I am not sure what the added value for me is. I also, still, am not sure why I should trust Edgeryders. I will work on drafting a better version.

I like the footer and quick reply idea, but agree text-wise we shouldn’t offer rewards in it - we need to show how we as Edgeryders add value to their lives.

I also think in the footer may be too late. Although annoying, perhaps we can have a pop-up after people do 1 scroll on a story, asking them to sign up and share their story?

Rather not, as that’s too much effort of messing with Discourse Core for this. But the placement in the header (before the first post) rather than in the footer area as proposed by @anon82932460 should be possible.

For the discussion of the current solution in the footer and possible alternatives, see this issue on Github.

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