[Twitterstorm] Create Press release for June event

Here is the event page I set up with my notes from the conversation in it! Possible tagline: Come together. Inspire one another. Help each other. Peer to peer.

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Hey you know what would be cool?

If in parallel to us working on the writeups and prepping the twitterstorm, if @SamMuirhead could sync and release the video from the workshops as a global invitation to June… Any news on that Sam? When do you schedule it to be ready and is one week too short a time to finish? have no idea how long it takes, so I’m just asking … :slight_smile:

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this weekend

I’ll be doing it over the weekend, so hopefully done on Sunday evening.

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video cut, but need help with text.

any suggestions for the text would be very welcome: /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/task-3016

Feedback from Vinay about text

Hi @Inge I got some feedback for you about the content

  1. needs a paragraph on the front talking about Georgia - nobody has any idea what it’s like or why this is happening!

  2. next paragraph should be personal: either “are you a <young entrepreneurs> etc.” or “do you want to <do thing>”

See example I made for event in South Africa: /t/edgeryders-south-africa-gooi/459/edgeryders-workshop-october-1-in

Also he recommended a book for anyone interested: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pritikins-Testament-Robert-Pritikin/dp/0135851912

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@Nadia, what do you think of the changes I made?

looks better what is missing is link to the practical info page

about registration, how to get there and where to stay, the program etc.