TWITTERSTORM: meet the first unMonasterians!

The unMonastery has arrived, but we haven’t met the first unMonasterians yet!

This is why we decided to set up a Twitterstorm in order to raise people’s attention on what is happening in Matera now that the unMonastery has hit its first week of reality check: we want to know all about it!

This will also be the occasion to remind everyone who stumbles upon our cloud of Tweets that the unMonastery has been shortlisted for an Italian competition on innovation, and we need your votes to make it to the final selection!

We think Twitterstorm is the best tool to do so, only if we manage to raise the community’s interest, leverage on its strength and use this occasion to interact directly online.

The whole thing has been set up thanks to the generosity of the Italian webteam in Matera: Tweets concerning the unMonastery and the vote will be in Italian, but we will interact directly with the unMonasterians in English: let’s see how our first bilingual Twitterstorm works out!

When and how?

This Monday 10 of February at 11:00 CET tune in on @unMonastery and @Matera2019 and tweet with #unMon and #portaMateranel2019

The unMonasterians on Twitter (not all of them have arrived yet):

  • Ben Vickers: @benvickers_
  • Bembo Davies: @BemboDavies
  • Elf Pavlick: @elfpavlik
  • David Bovil: @fortyfoxes
  • Dorotea Mar: @adora___
  • Rita Orlando: @rita_orlando
  • Lois: @JustLoveLois
  • Cristiano Siri: @cristianosiri

How can you be part of it? 

  1. you can join by tuning in on @unMonastery! The more people we are, the more fun it will be!
  2. you can already vote for the unMonastery: the project has been shortlisted for an Italian competition on innovation (instructables in English here)
  3. promote the event on your social networks by dispatching the Facebook and Twitter covers (in Italian and English) done by [Marilena] and [pacheca]

See you on Monday!

Date: 2014-02-10 11:00:00 - 2014-02-10 12:00:00, Europe/London Time.

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facebook and twitter cover

Facebook and twitter cover made also by pacheca . Thanks @pacheca

Second time!

Oops! It’s the second time I miss pacheca :slight_smile: Sorry!

I’ll add her immediately!

clicky linky click click click


That’s better! Ill’add them immediately: thank you :slight_smile:

what material do we have for twitter storm?


I just wanted to make sure,

what marerial do we have for twitter storm?

are there tweets or pictures we want to share ?

some data about my project for twitter storm

some data about my project for twitterstorm

my twitter is @adora___

(3 times _ )

my project name is , or can be referred as :

“upSkilling in Empathy” #unMon project by Dorotea Mar

my “tweet of the project” could be

upSkilling in Empathy - how do we relate to each other better while co-Loving and co-Working - let’s study this together at #unMon

but actually there is more in my project, but maybe for the first twitter storm just this will be ok :slight_smile:


[Dorotea] I am curious about your project. Do you have a writeup anywhere?