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Solutions and problems have not so much to do with each other. Solutions are there without the problem. We need to stop looking at the problems and just start focussing on solutions all around us. Problems will not thrive in a solution focused mindset. I studied Family science and Solution focused cognitive Therapy. I have a lot of friends who work with the same mindset and can live the authentic happines without being attached to anything. Le me learn this to people who want to evolve in their feelings of happines and the dull distractions of stress. By motivational speech and a focus towards what does work I can make groups see different towards a situation so solutions come up that have nothing to do with the problem but yet as if by magic, the problem will dissapear. I follow 3 main principles trough out this proces. We need to be aware of our Self towards Nature, our Self towards Others and our Self towards our Self.

How can we help?

Hi @DavidFromAntwerp my name is Noemi, and my story has more problems than solutions.

Is there anything that you are working on at the moment where Edgeryders can be of help? Right now many conversations here revolve around the question of how can groups of people and communities take better care of each other, with members sharing bits of their work or projects and hoping to find answers and advice. Have a look at the collection and see if there’s something which interests you?

Ready to share your story this Saturday

Hello @DavidFromAntwerp

thanks to share your concern about this topic. On saturday we are organizing a workshop between people who want to better the system around care by sharing their vision and focus. Your imput would be wonderfull. If you can participate send me a message. All info can be found here: Workshop: Soin Multiculturele zorg #OPENandChange

thinking from the future

I wrote my master thesis about the paradigm shift in the working environment triggered by the transformation into complexity (VUCA-World). In my journey to find answers for leadership I´ve learned about Otto Scharmer and Theory U. I love to find a project on that plattform which is connecting to that kind of thinking and using that approach.

In our project flipped job market we also take on the challenge for a new mindset in order to live the full potential with lies in every one of us.

How well does it work?

Hello @Henrike and @DavidFromAntwerp , I could not help noticing that your approach is closed to that of our friend Giulio Quaggiotto, except he applies it to social and economic development of regions: Fall in love with the solution, not the problem | Nesta . What he does is not ask people “what do you need?”, but “what are you already doing to solve this problem?”, or even “what are you already doing that is good for your local community?”.

With a little help from Google Translate I looked into Flipped Job Market. It is really refreshing. What are your results so far, Henrike?