UNDP Spot The Future: Campaign Materials

Access to Wealth (In a monopolistic society):

Unemployment, underemployment or poor working conditions:

Political & Civic engagement

Awareness and prevention of environmental damages 

Declining land use and lack of food security

Individual and group integrity, security and liberties

Poverty (and social justice)


  • https://edgeryders.eu/creating-healthy-lifestyles-in-armenia

You need people’s email addresses in the submission forms!

Dorotea and Said, well done on the one page call for submissions format. It is definitely an improvement on the longer formats we have used in the past :slight_smile: I tested one submissions form (this one) and it was smooth. Some feedback

  1. You do need people's email addresses to be able to get back to them about their submissions. So it would be good if the forms allowed submission only after person enters email address twice (and they are found to be matching).
  2. In all the calls for entry there is rightly a focus on experiences of people in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. I suggest that each call for submissions starts with the following intro (added a few words):

About “Spot the Future” a  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

UNDP “Spot the Future” brings together a platform for citizens of Armenia, Georgia, Egypt and their peers in 40+ countries to develop solutions that can address the most pressing challenges in society.

will make all necessary changes

thanks for the feedback. I’ll be back in around 3-4 hours to start a Twitter engagement strategy with these submission pages. should be interesting.

Reminder: When Egypt engagement manager comes on board…

Prioritised topics for 1 pagers calling for entries for Egypt are Unemployment, Poverty and Environmental degradation in this list: https://edgeryders.eu/spot-the-future/creating-mission-briefs-explanation-and-template-for