Unforeseen expense: upgrade our Protonmail account

Hello @reeflings, I have a request on behalf of the interim secretaries (@Lee and myself) to Team IT. We are operating on the basis of a free Protonmail account, to which we redirect our official email address, cohousing@thereef.brussels. The request is to upgrade this to a Mail Plus account. This costs 48 EUR per year, and gives several advantages. The main two are additional storage (we are now already at half of the maximum capacity of the free account) and unlimited folders and labels. It’s also fair: if we want to reduce the dominance of American Big Tech, we must be prepared to pay a fair price for their competition (Proton is a Swiss company).

In accordance to our spending policy, I request your consent to spending the extra 48 EUR. If nobody objects by Friday March 29, I will go ahead and upgrade, paying with my credit card and getting a refund from The Reef’s account.